This small change could cut halve your diet’s environmental impact

You don’t even need to become a vegetarian.

Not eating enough fruits and veggies kills millions of people every year

You should probably eat more fruits and vegetables.

Eggs might not be that bad for you after all, new study finds

Eggs are probably alright — as long as you’re healthy and don’t eat too many saturated fats.

Ultra-processed foods cause weight gain, over eating, according to a new study

Just because it tastes good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Eating processed food linked to eating too much and being overweight

Simple takeaway: eat less processed food.

New ‘brain training’ game could help you wean off of excess added sugar

Sweet, sweet research.

Going vegan might not be the greenest diet — but giving up meat, is

The main takeaway: eat less meat.

Eating before going to sleep might not be all that bad, researchers find

Just don’t go overboard with the snacks.

The planetary diet: here’s what you need to eat to save the planet

Want to stay healthy and save the world? Here’s how.

There’s no such thing as an ideal diet, new study suggests

Eat more fibers, less energy dense foods, and you’ll probably be alright.

The average American wastes almost a pound of food every day

94% of Americans waste food. The good news is that things can be improved with a few simple tips.

Immigrating drastically changes people’s microbiome

It changes very fast.

U.S. researchers poised to level-up wheat’s nutritive value by making it absorb minerals

You’ve heard of Iron Man, now get ready for Iron Wheat.

Low-carb diets may be cutting years off your life, new study says

Low-carb diets endorsed by any celebrities might cause you to die earlier.

Mangoes may improve your cardiovascular and gut health, new study shows

When the doctors say you should eat delicious fruit… you probably should.

Ancient jawbones hint at ancient humans’ diet

It’s all about the dried meat and seeds.

A fiber-rich diet can protect against the flu

The bottom line: eat more fiber.

Vegetarian diets could help avert one-third of early deaths, Harvard researcher states

Vegetarians, rejoice!

We waste a pound of food every day

We waste a lot of food — here’s how not to do that anymore.

Study analyzes the environmental impact of chocolate production — and it’s not pretty

No one’s saying you shouldn’t eat chocolate, but at least you should be aware of its impact.