First operational laser weapon set to safeguard US ships from menacing drones

Blowing stuff up at the speed of light.

The Greek Navy’s wooden wall — Olympias, last trireme on duty in the world

One ship to carry a huge legacy.

U.S. Navy will install 210 MW of solar energy in the Arizona desert

The Department of the Navy (DON) announced it will make the largest investment in renewable energy by an federal entity. Its plan is to install a huge 210 megawatt (MW) solar facility – enough to power 80,000 Californian homes – in the Arizona desert, which would serve electricity to 14 US Navy installations. The agreement was signed last month and marks the latest in a slew of measures meant to make the Department of Defense less dependent on oil – not just by the navy, but also the military or air force.

Laser weapon demonstrated aboard US Navy ship – the weapons of the future

Shells and bullets have evolved significantly in the past couple hundred years since they were first used, but in principle they’ve remained the same – discharge an explosive to propel a projectile. The 21st century might finally make way to a new class of widespread weaponry based on lasers. These are powerful, much more accurate than any explosive projectile and can

Navy admits training exercises will likely kill dolphins and whales in large numbers

According to a post in the Navy Times, training and testing will likely “inadvertently” kill hundreds of whales and dolphins and wound thousands in the next five years. Most of the damage will be done by explosives, though some might come from testing sonar or animals being hit by ships. Rear Adm. Kevin Slates, the Navy’s energy and environmental readiness

Military scientists announce they are close to turning seawater into jet fuel

According to their own statements, the US Naval Research Laboratory is working to extract the carbon dioxide and produce hydrogen gas from the seawater; if everything works out fine for them, they will be able to convert the CO2 and hydrogen into hydrocarbons which will be used as jet fuel.   Of course, the main interest is a military strategic one:

Navy preps introduction of robot fireman

Once flames brake loose, the close confinements of ships or subs suddenly transform into a hellish scene, claiming the lives of countless sailor. The U.S. Navy seeks to counter this deadly hazard by employing a mechanical firefighter among its ranks. Sophisticated, robust, and dexterous, this is a highly exciting project. Developed by the Naval Research Laboratory,  the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR)

New US Navy high-energy laser blasts ship [video]

Big guns and big boats go well hand in hand most of the time, and the latest experimental weaponry unveiled by the US Navy, dubbed the Maritime Laser Demonstrator (MLD), will be sure to please any old sea dog. The diode-pumped solid-state high-energy laser weapon was developed by Northrop Grumman, and its capabilities were demonstrated On Wednesday, April 6th, when

Futuristic railgun tested by US Navy

The yellow and red flags were out; everybody was tense, waiting, and the gun range was clear. The a klaxon sounded. “System is enabled,” the voice on the speakerphone said. The people nearby could feel a slight shake in the floor. “Gun is fired,” the voice said. All this took place inside a huge cavernous building at the Naval Surface