Mysterious gravitational anomaly in Moon’s South Pole could be a massive metal deposit

It was ‘imported’ from space via a meteorite impact.

Solar wind plus moon soil plus meteorite impacts create water on the Moon, researchers report

Can’t the Moon just go to the tap like the rest of us?

NASA requests $1 billion in funding for Artemis mission to take man back to the moon by 2024

The original timeline was pushed forward four years by the Trump Administration — and now NASA needs the bucks to make it happen.

Shrinking moon is quaking, revealing it may be tectonically active

The moon may be tectonically active, according to groundbreaking new research.

Astronomers record first lunar eclipse meteoroid impact

During a blood moon, a brief flash of light caught astronomers’ attention.

Ocean of magma blasted into space may explain how the moon formed

Finally, a theory that explains how the moon formed that isn’t too over the top.

Chinese Moon Station planned for ‘in about ten years’

“Hey, I can see my house from here!”

Chinese lunar rover shows dark side of the Moon like you’ve never seen it before

Take a walk on the dark side — of the moon.

Meteorite impacts are squeezing water from the moon

The moon has a hydrological cycle, but it looks nothing like the one on Earth.

Toyota partners with Japanese space agency on new moon rover design

After having conquered the automobile on Earth, Toyota has decided to try their luck off the planet.

The Race to the Moon Starts in the Classroom

Want to explore the solar system, and beyond? Start with education.

Future Moon colonists could produce water from regolith and sunlight

Drink up!

The European Space Agency wants to mine the moon for oxygen and water

Should everything go according to plan, ESA wants to launch the mission by 2025.

Earth’s oldest rock was actually found on the moon and brought home by Apollo 14

This rock has quite the backstory.

Mars-sized planetary impact may have seeded ingredients for life on Earth

New insights into how life appeared on Earth — but also possibly on other planets.

China launches new rover aimed for the dark side of the moon

The natural satellite, not the 1973 album by Pink Floyd. Sadly.

What causes Blood Moons? The same thing that makes skies blue


Earth has two additional ‘moons’ entirely made of dust

The huge clouds of dust closely orbiting Earth could affect the safety of future space explorations.

Lockheed Martin unveils lunar lander concept meant send astronauts to the moon

The huge lander is supposed to ferry humans between an orbiting space station and the lunar surface.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first Moon tourist — and he’s bringing artists along

Very Renaissance-y, I love it!