China launches new rover aimed for the dark side of the moon

The natural satellite, not the 1973 album by Pink Floyd. Sadly.

What causes Blood Moons? The same thing that makes skies blue


Earth has two additional ‘moons’ entirely made of dust

The huge clouds of dust closely orbiting Earth could affect the safety of future space explorations.

Lockheed Martin unveils lunar lander concept meant send astronauts to the moon

The huge lander is supposed to ferry humans between an orbiting space station and the lunar surface.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first Moon tourist — and he’s bringing artists along

Very Renaissance-y, I love it!

SpaceX will send its first passenger around the moon aboard a Big Freaking Rocket

It’s been almost 50 years since a human has come this close to the moon.

Unique swirl patterns point to the Moon’s magnetic past

Nice swirls!

NASA finds ice on the Moon — raising prospects of a lunar colony

Finally, something to put in my lunar glass of whisky.

Earth may have ‘mini-moons’ that could answer some interesting astronomy

The moon is Earth’s only permanent natural satellite, but it may be in the company of tiny asteroids trapped in the planet’s orbit.

The moon may have been habitable during its early history — twice

The moon might have once had pools of water on its surface and even a thick atmosphere.

NASA reveals new, crystal-clear images of Saturn’s moon Titan

Looking sharp, Titan!

Twelve new moons discovered around Jupiter, pointing to a violent past

Jupiter can boast the most moons in the Solar System.

The moon is moving away from Earth and this is making days longer

Early Earth had 5-hour days.

China launches satellite, prepares for unprecedented landing on Dark Side of the Moon

“Come to the dark side” the Moon, presumably, told China. China decided to go.

Saturn’s tiny moons? It’s all ravioli and collisions

A story of “crash boom bang” around Saturn, with a pasta topping.

Mock lunar dust kills cultured cells, alters DNA — raising concerns about the real thing’s toxicity


China will grow flowers, potatoes, and silkworm on the dark side of the Moon

A Chinese garden on the Moon — it almost sounds too crazy to be true.

NASA’s stunning, 4K ‘Tour of the Moon’ is just as good as visiting the place — if not better

Eye candy galore.

AI spots thousands of craters on the Moon — including over 6,000 previously undiscovered ones

The AIs are getting better and better.

The moon may have formed from a giant spinning donut of vaporized rock

Homer Simpson is drooling over this story.