The Bacteria Files: Pseudomonas — What it is and why you should know about it

A tiny, resourceful, and potentially dangerous bacteria.

Astronauts identify microbes in space for the first time

We really do contaminate everything we touch — and space is no exception.

That ATM keyboard you’ve touched earlier is covered in germs from all over town

Tap, tap, microbe map.

World leaders pledge to fight drug-resistant bacteria

Meeting at the United Nations, world leaders agreed that we are facing an unprecedented threat from drug-resistant bacteria.

Oil seeps create thriving micro-ecosystem

Natural hydrocarbon seeps are providing the nutrients for vast microbial communities to thrive in the Gulf of Mexico.

DNA survey of New York subway finds traces of Anthrax, the plague and Mozzarella Cheese

The most extensive DNA survey of the NYC subway has revealed that New Yorkers really like pizza and mozzarella, but also that drug-resistant microbes are widespread. They also found traces of the plague, anthrax, and learned that a tasmanian devil never took the subway in the city. In a way, the human body is very similar to the subway – both

“Copper kills everything”: A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients

As modern medicine can be quite paradoxical sometimes, checking into a hospital can actually boost your chances of an infection; and if you’re thinking that this only happens in poorer, underdeveloped countries – you’re wrong. No matter where you check in at a hospital, you are vulnerable to infections which have nothing to do with your original problem. Now, a

New Device Harnesses Sun and Sewage to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

It almost seems too good to be true – a novel device that uses only sunlight and wastewater to produce hydrogen gas could provide a sustainable energy source, while also improving the efficiency of the waste water system. A sustainable, self-driven system In a paper published in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano, a team led by Yat Li,

How bacteria colonize the human gut – study reveals important insights

Our bodies are hosts to some hundreds of thousands of bacteria that live in harmony with each other, helping the body be healthy, in return for the food and shelter it provides to these tiny organisms . Collectively, all the microorganisms inside the human body are referred to as the microbiome, most of whom are found in the  gastrointestinal (GI) tract

Life found deep in the oceanic crust for the first time

For the first time in history, researchers have found microbes living deep inside Earth’s oceanic crust – the black basalts that make some 60% of our planet’s surface – potentially the largest habitat on our planet. Engineering and microbes Microbiologist Mark Lever is on board the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program’s research vessel JOIDES Resolution to examine rock samples from the

Microbes thrive in high altitude stormy clouds – could play role in global climate

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s… microbes ?! High up in the atmosphere, 10.000 meters above ground, researchers have found over 100 species of bacteria doing just fine in stormy clouds. Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of dust, water and man-maned pollutans make their way into the atmosphere, often traveling between distant locations or even

NASA scientists find evidence of life in meteorites

Wherever it’s possible, life finds a way; the old saying seems to be more and more actual these days, with NASA and other space agencies reporting interesting discoveries that point towards life existing in many more other places other than our own planet. After rewriting the biology books with the arsenic eating microbe, NASA researchers claim to have found evidence

Woman has an intestinal infection. She has her husband’s stool inserted into her. She is cured

Two years ago, Dr. Alexander Khoruts took on a patient suffering from an awful infection of Clostridium difficile; she was suffering from diarrhea. Now we’ve all probably had our bad moments, but this is not your average case. It was so bad that she was practically stuck in a wheelchair wearing diapers. She was also losing massive weight and she

Low level of antibiotics cause drug resistance in ‘superbugs’

For years and years (good) doctors have warned about the dangers of taking antibiotics too lightly, which generally causes ‘bugs’ to be more resistant. More recently, a study conducted by researchers from Boston University showed that microbes are a lot like us: what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger, and this could have extreme consequences. Here’s what it’s about. You’re