Colorful layered cocktail inspires new male contraceptive

You wouldn’t want to drink this one though.

When it comes to influenza — Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Flu vaccine seems more effective in women; men recover faster from the flu.

Income inequality, not gender inequality, leads to female sexualization on social media

Sorry — no sexy selfies here, just science.

Men who flash their wealth are perceived as unsuitable long-term partners

Women can see through the bling.

It’s official: College men think they’re smarter than they really are

Meanwhile, women are crippled with doubt.

Women who regularly use cleaning supplies risk lung damage, study shows

There were no significant differences in the decline of lung function between men who worked in the cleaning business and non-cleaning men.

A mutation might extend the lifespan of some men by ten years

Some are lucky.

Testosterone makes men more confident in their instincts, less likely to question their impulses

We got this.

Women really are better multi-taskers, study finds

I can’t even walk and text without hitting lamp posts.

How women subconsciously fight sexual competition

A new paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology examines women’s efforts to guard their mates from sexual competition — especially other ovulating females.

Men ate almost twice as much when they dined with women

We all know that men like to impress the fairer members of our species, and this permeates into almost everything we do: we want to drive the shiniest car on the block, crack the funniest jokes 24/7 and write for ZMEScience so we can impress the ladies at parties. In essence, no matter how unlikely it is to actually impress, if a man has a choice between doing something and doing that something over the top so he can show off to women, you can bet your right arm he’s gonna do the latter.

Men and women feel pain differently, on a biological level

A breakthrough research found that male and female mice use different cells to signal pain. This could explain why both more women suffer from chronic pain than men, and pain relief medication seems to respond differently in women.

Percentage of US workers who are male vs female

OK, so this is going to be a long image, and after it you’ll find some analysis on it. This is a 2012 census on US data only, so you can expect some differences if you live in other parts of the globe. Here goes: The first thing which pops to the eye is that the stereotypes pretty much check

Men Drink More Alcohol because of Contagious Smiles

When men have a drink with other men, their smiles become contagious, according to a new study. This might explain why men are much more likely to drink in excess than women – they simply have more fun. Humans and several others animals experience something called “emotional contagion”. Basically, this means that there are some feelings/expressions which are contagion; if

Who talks more, men or women? It all depends on the context, study finds

“We women talk too much, nevertheless we only say half of what we know.”  Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess There’s a deeply entrenched stereotype that portrays women as extremely talkative or, at least, much much chatty than men. Ask most people, both men and women, they will agree, but is this merely a subjective facet or does it indeed reflect reality?

Do women prefer hairy men? Study suggests menstrual cycle and father’s body hair influence mating preferences

The current western ideal for masculine beauty is hairlessness, as most women today will report they prefer to date men with little or no body hair. A new study suggests that there this preference may have a biological basis after researchers at the University of Turku and Åbo Academy in Finland found that women’s preference for men function of their torso

Hourglass Figures are like drugs to men

Well we all know the effect a curvaceous woman can have on men, but according to a new research published by researchers from Georgia Gwinnett College, the effect they have is similar to that of alcohol and drugs, at least in some ways. Evolutionary speaking, for women, curvy figures are associated with fertility and an overall good health; in this

Sexy photos make men perceive women as objects – literally

I am sure there are plenty of women there feeling frustrated because of the fact that many times they received no attention from their male companions…at least not concerning what they were saying. So it’s quite easy to become judgmental when it comes to such delicate issues. But whose fault could it be ? Is it the men who simply