Reforestation efforts bring back hundreds of species to China

Plant a tree and species will come back to thee.

Lioness mother spotted breastfeeding baby leopard — an absolute first

Unfortunately, despite this touching moment, the odds aren’t stacked in favor of the tiny leopard.

South Africa bans leopard hunt for 2016

It costs $20,000 to shoo a leopard, and foreign hunters flock to South Africa every year to kill leopards for trophy hunting. This year, because leopard numbers remain nuclear, South Africa has decided to ban hunting for the year. The South African National Biodiversity Institute, a government research organisation, recommended the temporary ban because they can’t properly estimate the number

In India, leopards are now backyard wildlife

A recent study led by WCS-India scientist Vidya Athreaya finds that certain areas in India, in which human settlements have greatly expanded, and which, as a result, are basically devoid of wilderness are teeming with another type of backyard wildlife: leopards. Camera traps set up at night in a densely populated region of India virtually devoid of wilderness revealed not

Snow leopard mother and cub den caught for first time on tape [VIDEOS]

Magnificently¬†beautiful, the elusive snow leopard is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia. Adapted to living in high altitudes, deep in the mountains, and preferring typically inaccessible areas for humans as their dens, has made snow leopards extremely hard to spot, and more importantly keep track off, since it’s an endangered species. Actually, just until recently,

Rare and elusive Amur leopard captured on photo for first time in China

The Amur leopard is a beautiful leopard subspecies native to the region of the Russian far east, which since 1996 has been classified as critically endangered. Only a handful of specimens remain today, however a photo which surprised an Amur leopard in China suggests that the species’ numbers are steadily increasing, and conservation efforts are beginning to show signs of