Not all computer keys are made equal, and that’s a good thing

Hands up anyone who, like me, has ever wondered what the deal is with those little bumps on your F and J keys.

Spill resistant keyboard designed for gamers

Keyboards have come a long way; they’re sleeker, more resistant, have more functionalities, and much more. But no matter how sturdy or fancy they are, there’s one thing no keyboard can resist without taking a blow: spills. This has been the deadly enemy of keyboard for years, and nobody can attest this better than gamers. But their problems, as well

The touchpad keyboard – coming to a laptop near you

Touch is revolutionizing everything these days – first it was the touch screen, then it was the touch pad, and it seems, tomorrow – it will be the touch keyboard. The thing with keyboards is, everyone likes it some other way; some want a bigger distance between buttons, some have smaller fingers, some need certain buttons while some are only

World’s last typewriter factory closing its doors

Nostalgia time folks; you might want to sit down for this, because this time it’s the typewriter edition. The last typewriter factory (yes, it still existed in 2011), Godrej & Boyce in Mumbai, India, is closing its doors. A little typewriter history The first typewriter was invented less than 150 years ago, in 1870, and in the early and mid