1 in 10 Japanese in their 30s is still a virgin

Japan is leading a global trend of sexual inactivity.

Newly discovered virus turns amoeba into stone

Scientists have named it the Medusavirus.

New gravity earthquake detection method might buy more time for early warnings

This means a couple of extra seconds which could make all the difference in a life or death situation.

Japanese hotel fires robots to replace them with humans

They took our jobs! Uhm… no wait… we took their jobs!!

Japan start-up planning to sell “shooting stars on demand” launched their first satellite

No word on how much one of these shows will cost just yet.

Japan’s new year resolution: resuming commercial whale hunting

The decision has been met with disappointment and criticism.

Japan wants all new cars to be electric by 2050

The electric car race is heating up.

Japan stumbles upon massive, “semi-infinite” underwater treasure trove of rare earth elements

Cheaper smartphones ahoy!

NASA Explores the Use of Robotic Bees on Mars

Marsbees could cover a lot more ground on the Red Planet than sluggish rovers.

Space Race 2.0: Japan wants to put a man on the Moon by 2030

The new space race seems to be shaping up in Asia.

Japan launches satellite to generate its own, better GPS

Positioning errors will be decreased by a factor of 100.

Giant sinkhole in Japan repaired in a matter of days

It was repaired in less than a week.

Newly discovered Japanese plant doesn’t photosynthesize, pollinates itself

The most self-sufficient plant I know of.

Oldest fishing hooks ever found show humans were fishing for longer than we’ve thought

Found on the island of Okinawa, these hooks show fish has been on the menu longer than we’ve though before.

A startling number of Japanese are virgins, and this is a problem

A whopping 70% of people under 34 are single and over 40% in that age category are still virgins.

New volcano forecasting technique shows danger in Japan

Worrying news surface in Japan, as geologists warn Sakurajima volcano might be powering up.

Sea Shepherd will continue to disrupt Japanese whaling ships, despite the US ruling they shouldn’t

Whales > Judges.

This is Tomatan, and he will power you through a marathon — with tomatoes

Awesome? Undoubtedly. Useful? Well, according to Kagome, which claims to be Japan’s largest supplier of ketchup and tomato juice, people taking part in the Tokyo marathon really need this.

Japan resumes whaling despite international ban

The island nation has recently announced that it will resume whaling operations in the Antarctic Ocean with the purpose of collecting “scientific data.” The decision was met with outrage and heavy criticism by other countries and conservation groups.

Japan still wants to slaughter hundreds of whales “for science”

This Friday, the International Whaling Commission issued a report in which it states Japan has failed to provide any reasonable explanation for its mass killing of over 4,000 whales in the Antarctic for the past 12 years. The country says it’s hunting whales for research purposes, but clearly it’s all a front. A lame excuse. Unimpressed by the report, Japan officials claim there’s a debate and lack of consensus (not really), and even though it “acknowledges” the IWC position it will likely continue as before. In other words, they don’t care.