Scientists discover the first coral reef off the Italian coast

It’s less vibrantly colored than tropical reefs but it is still stunning (and fragile).

Researchers fit Italian woman with futuristic, bionic hand

The hand prosthesis can sense if objects are soft or hard.

Italy announces plans to completely phase out coal by 2025

Italy joins several other European countries in announcing a clear end date of coal power.

Bound around the axe: what is fascism and why do societies turn to it

It’s never the same everywhere.

Despite a struggling economy, Italy has the healthiest citizens in the world

Money is hard to come by these days in Italy but at least people have their good health.

Italian earthquake kills at least 20, destroys entire town

Authorities and locals are searching for survivors.

Cultural-heritage-protection task force created by Italy and the UN

´╗┐´╗┐Following ISIS’s attack and destruction of the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, Italy and the United Nations have joined forces to protect cultural heritage sites in conflict zones.

Italy becomes the first country to totally drop plastic bags

You probably don’t know it yet, but our planet has a major problem with plastic. I wasn’t able to find an accurate statistic of how much of this is caused by regular ordinary plastic bags that everybody uses, but it’s definitely a considerable number. After a laudable initiative taken on by the city of Seattle, others have followed on these