New app can hear if your child has an infected ear

It’s one of the most common reason why parents visit a pediatrician.

Why you shouldn’t pop your pimples — Really, you shouldn’t

Popping pimples can be very tempting, but this is considered a bad idea by most dermatologists.

Most common type of childhood leukemia is partly due to lack of exposure to microbes during infancy

After a century-long debate, doctors think they finally know what’s causing ALL.

Some people can really tell if you look sick, new study reports

How good are you at detecting diseased people?

Drug-resistant candida outbreaks in the UK despite hospital efforts to control it

The CDC deemed this fungus a “serious global health threat.”

Oral sex might be helping the spread of unstoppable bacteria

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Is licking your wounds actually a good thing?

Comes with benefits, but also risks. At the end of the day just use a band-aid.

New infections cause dormant viruses to reactivate

Herpes viruses are almost impossible to eliminate from your body. While other viruses succumb when they are defeated by the immune system, the herpes virus remains in the body forever, lying in wait, sometimes reactivating years later. A new study has found that new infections may weaken the body just enough to favor the reawakening of herpes. For quite a while,

New bird flu infects Antarctic penguins

It’s so cold even penguins get the flu in the Antarctic. Seriously, researchers report in a paper published in the journal mBio how they identified a new strain of influenza that infects Adelie penguins which breed in huge colonies on the rocky Antarctic Peninsula. The virus itself seems to be dormant as the penguins don’t exhibit any visible flu symptoms, yet the findings do

New Treatment for Gonorrhea Acts like a Vaccine, Preventing Reinfection

A first step has been taken towards an effective treatment for Gonorrhea – with drug resistant strains on the rise, this moment comes just at the right time, merely days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) placed the STD on a list of “urgent threats” in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria. Gonorrhea (colloquially known as the clap) is

Dogs can be trained to detect extremely dangerous superbug

Researchers had already known that dogs can sniff out hospital superbug Clostridium defficile from stool samples of patients, but now, a really cute beagle has been trained to sniff out the bacteria from the air in the hospital. C. difficile infection generally occurs in patients who have been recently admitted in hospitals and were previously on antibiotics. In this research,