The primal call: mammals may respond to baby cries even when they’re from another species

New reserach suggests mammals are tuned to the crying calls of infants, even when these don’t come from members of their own species.

New bird flu infects Antarctic penguins

It’s so cold even penguins get the flu in the Antarctic. Seriously, researchers report in a paper published in the journal mBio how they identified a new strain of influenza that infects Adelie penguins which breed in huge colonies on the rocky Antarctic Peninsula. The virus itself seems to be dormant as the penguins don’t exhibit any visible flu symptoms, yet the findings do

Disturbed Sleep Promotes Appetite

  Lack of sleep adversely affects a plethora of bodily functions,where typically most of these effects are thought to be cosmetic or fleeting: bags beneath the eyes; an obvious  state of dehydration;and if you’re a student during finals a developed sense of disregard for constructing full sentences. Well, as it happens the excess skin around your eyes and the excess skin around

Memory Beyond Decapitation

    Even the most untrained, layperson neuroscientist has the correct sense to recognize memories are realized by the brain, that the brain resides in the head, and so it follows removing the head displaces the memories ostensibly to wherever the head now resides. Now introducing the planarian (c. Elegans), a standard organismic model in behavioral and biological research along  with rats

“Sexual Sweat” is Recognized as Novel by the Brain

Put down that clump of Whale vomit*, there’s a better kind of perfume now: “Sexual Sweat.” In a possible attempt to level the field for scientists everywhere, researchers Wen Zhou and Denise Chen of Rice University presented 20 women with samples of human sweat, both produced from times when male volunteers viewed either pornography or a documentary (The documentaries weren’t sexy

Remotely Controlling Neurons: Using Nanoparticle Actuators to Remotely Activate Neural Tissue (or, “Why Standing in Front of a Microwave Whilst Possessing Nanoparticles in your Brain is a Bad Idea.”)

Neuroscientists are always looking for new and interesting ways to manipulate individual neurons and neural networks– shooting magnetic waves at our brains may be the best route yet.

The Relationship of Reproduction Strategy and Mental Pathology: The Curious Complexity of Personality

It’s often remarkable the ways in which seemingly disparate characteristics of personality mingle. Whether this interaction is remarkable due to the vast complexity and multifaceted nature of the human persona or instead because our understanding of such matters is so paltry, our library of the “psychical” patterns that give rise first to cognition and then secondly to a personality is

Finger Length Ratios Indicate Sexual Orientation

In a meta-analysis study researchers from the University of Ontario, Penn State, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found that the second to fourth finger length ratio (2d:4d) serves as an indicator of sexual orientation.

The Domesticated Dog’s Ability to Interpret Human Social Cues is a Result of Millennia of Selective Breeding

As if the domesticated dog’s position as, “man’s (or woman’s) best friend” was not entrenched in the human zeitgeist enough, research from Brian Hare out Harvard’s Anthropology department indicates that not only are dogs far more adept than Chimpanzees- our closest genetic, extant relative- at interpreting human social cues, but that domesticated dogs are superior to wolves- their closest genetic,