Study finds risk of heart attacks rises nearly 40 percent on Christmas Eve

This is especially true among older or sicker people.

That cold, gloomy weather you hate? It might give you a heart attack

Bad weather just got a bit worse.

Lead exposure might be responsible for 10 times more premature deaths than previously thought

Scientists have discovered that nearly 412,000 yearly deaths in the US can be attributed to lead contamination.

Google AI can now look at your retina and predict the risk of heart disease

After analyzing┬ádata from over a quarter million patients, the neural network can predict the patient’s age (within a 4-year range), gender, smoking status, blood pressure, body mass index, and risk of cardiovascular┬ádisease.

Being married might just save your life — if you suffer from heart diseases

Having a shoulder to lean on can get you through a lot of hard times — medically.

Air pollution wrecks our DNA, makes us more susceptible to heart failure

If you’re expecting, taking some time to visit some more pristine areas of the world might do wonders to your baby’s health in the long run.

Study shows Obamacare expanded health insurance, reducing the number of cardiac arrests

Obamacare significantly reduced the incidence of cardiac arrest by 17 percent.

Defibrillators and pacemakers might soon use light instead of electricity to restart your heart

Closed chest defribillators (the type of defribillators you see on TV) have been around for decades, and for a good reason – because they get the job done. They’re very effective at restoring normal heart rhythm, but they have a big disadvantage: even with fine tuning of modern devices, they hurt like hell. Researchers now believe they can make it

Science confirms: Mediterranean diet is really good for heart disease

A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables helps prevent strokes and other heart issues. Now before you put on your “Captain obvious” t-shirts, you should know that while (many other) previous studies have suggested that people who eat a Mediterranean-like diet have healthier hearts, they haven’t ruled out other differences associated with this

Light smoking doubles the risk of sudden heart failure in women

If you’re a woman who just can’t give up smoking, but you’ve toned it down, even to just one cigarette per day, then don’t think you’ve eliminated the risks; according to a new research published in the Journal of American Heart Association, even very light smoking doubles the risk of heart failure in women, while quitting drops the risks in

Bans on smoking result in one-third drop in heart attacks. Linked to second-hand smoke.

According to two new studies, after smoking is banned indoors the number of people suffering from heart attacks considerably drops within months. Some of the researchers believe this data offer substantial evidence to the claim that second-hand smoke does in fact affect ┬ápeople’s health. Besides the obvious health benefit, the researchers argue that preventing second-hand smoke also cuts back on

New type of CPR is more effective and easier to perform

The number of people that die from sudden cardiac arrest growing larger and larger every year. Just so you can make an idea, only in America, more people die from sudden cardiac arrest every three days than the people that died in 9/11. Thing is, many of those deaths could be avoided, if local bystanders wouldn’t be bystanders, and would

Is traffic exposure causing heart atacks?

The simple thought of being caught in a horn-honking traffic jam for a couple of hours is definitely a scary one, which would definitely increase the rate of your heartbeat. But, unfortunately, traffic can have much more serious effects on one’s heart, especially now, when a simple drive around the town has become an endurance test. But are our hearts