Widespread coral species shows unique adaptations against environmental changes

Pocillopora damicornis — one of the most abundant and widespread reef-building corals in the world — may help us better understand how anthozoans deal with stress.

Scientists find more than 1,200 genes linked to educational attainment

But that doesn’t mean the environment isn’t more important.

How cross-species jumping genes might have driven our evolution

Some genes ‘jump’ from one genome to the other, and even from plants to bats.

CRISPR was used to change a butterfly’s wing color

A switch from brown to yellow.

Scientists found nearly 1,000 new genes linked to intelligence

Intelligent people tend to live longer but are more vulnerable to autism and depression.

Scientists discover why cockroaches are such good survivors

Their insane ability to survive almost anything is written in their DNA.

Debunking some misconceptions about evolution

Sometimes, it’s good to remember that even evolution doesn’t want you to be perfect. Good enough is just fine.

Scientists catch human evolution in the making

Gene variants linked to Alzheimer’s or heavy smoking are being gradually weeded out by natural selection.

Second gene-silencing mechanism found, could lead to viable clones and safer in vitro

It’s gotta be pretty important if it has a back-up system in place.

Older fathers tend to raise geekier children

Age matters!

Major study explored the biology of human intelligence and found 40 new genes that play a role

What shall we do with this information?

Early farmers probably didn’t really know how to select crops — but they were very lucky

Domestication could’ve well happened on its own.

If you like having sex, you should thank pathogens for making it possible


We pick our mates by their genome — even if we aren’t aware of it

Humans too engage in assortative mating, scientists find.

Chromosomes turn out to be half genes, half mysterious coating

That’s a lot of coat.

Gene variant that makes people less inclined to drink alcohol might help treat addiction

Genetic influence on drinking is real.

‘Java genes’ explain why coffee doesn’t work for some people

If coffee doesn’t work for you, you might have different genes from everyone else.

Some parasitic plants can steal genes then use them against their hosts

That’s not very nice.

Interbreeding with Neanderthals gave us some good genes, but also diseases

We’re still finding the fruits of this interspecies love affair.

New paper finds WO virus has stolen the Black Widow’s venom gene

One of the most successful bacteria species on Earth is now hunted by venom-wielding-viruses.