Female gamers are three times more likely to study science

Encouraging ‘geeky girls’ to pursue a STEM degree could help bridge the gender gap.

The WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases

Symptoms and diagnosis criteria very similar to other addiction-related disorders.

Action games give your brain the best work-out

With the variety of games available today varying from those designed to enhance mental fitness, solve real world problems all the way to ones meant for pure entertainment, they have diverse and profound effects on our brains. A new article published in the October 1st issue of Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences argues that the specific content, dynamics, and mechanics of individual games determine their effects on the brain and that the long-criticized action video games might have particularly positive benefits.

Gaming then and now: the future of gaming with Intel

Virtual reality and 4K displays, coupled with ever more powerful processors and graphic chipsets will see gaming make a huge leap, and Intel wants to be at the forefront of the scene.

Gamers more likely to be social and well educated

When you think about ‘gamers’, pretty unpleasant stereotypes usually pop to mind. You’ll likely think about young kids without many friends, spending countless hours of the day and night in front of their computer, or perhaps 30 year old men still living in their parents basement or something. However, a new study has shown that gamers tend to be more

Your virtual avatar influences the way you behave in the real world

We’ve wrote before on studies discussing some of the effects of gaming might have on real life behaviour. In a most interesting study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  found that even the avatar you choose greatly influences behaviour later on when interacting with real people. The researchers recruited 194 undergraduates to participate in two supposedly unrelated studies. Participants were all asked to

Video Gamers really do see more

Hours and hours spent at computers or gaming consoles do have their advantages – not only do they train reaction times and adaptation, but they also train the brain to make better and faster use of visual input, according to Duke University researchers. “Gamers see the world differently,” said Greg Appelbaum, an assistant professor of psychiatry in the Duke School

How Wise is Dating a Gamer?

They are a growing breed, and they seem to be getting hotter (at least when they apply themselves and manage to take a shower) in a way that Seth Rogen or Jason Segel can be hot. They take the form of a middle management executive or a graduate student who is adorable and funny; a strategic thinker with excellent hand-eye

Angry Birds hits half of billion downloads; are you (still) playing?

If we recently welcomed the 7th billion person into this world, then every 1 in 14 people on the planet downloaded Angry Birds from official sources; add the ones who pirated or got it from someplace else, and the number of people who have played the game is just staggering. Furthermore, this makes it the most downloaded game in the

Two hours worth of gaming is like snorting a line of coke…therapist says

It’s ignorance like this that never sees to baffle me. Steve Pop is an overnight notorious psychotherapist who, like most of today’s center stage and tomorrow’s props, became famous after stating live on BBC Radio that “spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces in the brain.” “It’s the