Flat-earthers apparently believe in climate change — and nothing makes sense anymore

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Astronauts put flat-earth rapper B.o.B. back in his place

Someone call the Spanish Inquisition

Rapper B.o.B. wants people to give him $1 million so he can prove the Earth is flat

The comments are glorious.

Power lines over Lake Pontchartrain elegantly demonstrate the curvature of Earth

Set, Game, and Match, flat-earthers!

A flat-earther brought a spirit level on a plane to prove the Earth is flat. Yeah…

It’s seriously unacceptable.

Ingenious flat earth theory revealed

It was 1893 when Orlando Ferguson, a real estate developer based in South Dakota combined religious beliefs with some scientific theories and a big chunk of creativity to create this square map of the stationary earth. The map was accompanied by a 92 page lecture delivered by Ferguson, who referred to himself as a professor, and was delivered town after