AI is so good at inventing stories that its creators had to shut it down to avoid ‘fake news’

OpenAI thinks that its AI is too dangerous to risk having it fall into the wrong hands.

This video that doesn’t feature Barack Obama can teach us a lot about fake news

Non-Barack Obama has an important announcement to make.

This fun online game lets you play a propaganda master — and it’s a fake news vaccine

Sowing #fear and #disiniformation has never been this educative!

Facebook bans “fake news” from advertising

Perhaps we just give social media too much credit.

Google’s top result for “cure for cancer”says carrot juice is the cure

All you need is carrot juice and beetroot. Sheesh…

Contradicting fake stories / conspiracy theories on social media just doesn’t do anything. It may be counterproductive

Oh this is troubling.

Study analyzes why some people are so sure they’re right — even when evidence shows they’re wrong

If you want to fight dogmatism, you first need to learn how it works in the minds of people.

One in five bots sharing fake news during France’s presidential election were also involved in the United States’

Oh my, now isn’t this a very strange coincidence?

Teaching school children to sniff out bogus medical claims works

Education > fake news

EU-Funded fake news spotting tool gets better and better

A much needed tool.

‘Psychological vaccination’ counters effects of fake news. Critical thinking is still a thing

Just a bit of fake news presented in context along the factual is enough to negate the effects of bogus information.

We’re trusting a lot of fake news because we’re abysmal at weeding it out, study finds

Two articles on fake news in one day?! Yes, we do spoil you.

No, global temperatures aren’t “plunging” – fake news is acting up

What can go wrong when loudmouths spread fake information?