Presenting the first 2D magnet: it will allow scientists to make previously impossible experiments

This magnet is just one atom thick.

Astronomers come back from a year on Mars… in Hawaii

NASA’s year-long Mars simulation experiment has concluded today.

Experiment made people feel like they’re invisible

We’ve all had days when we’ve felt invisible metaphorically, but Swedish researchers have taken it to the next level – they’ve made a man actually feel like he’s invisible.

Amazing video of a drop of water in super slow motion portrays surface tension

Well, these guys explain it way better than I could, so watch the video, even if you are familiarized with surface tension. The super slow-mo frames are absolutely wonderful !

First Universal Two-Qubit quantum processor created

Physicists from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) have demonstrated what they claim to be the first universal programmable quantum information processor that will be able to run any program allowed by quantum mechanics (the set of principles that describe the atomic and subatomic matter). They managed to accomplish this using two quantum bits (qubits) of information. This processor

First sparks of life could have appeared from volcanoes

Jeffrey Bada is a researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He and his colleagues reanalyzed the classic experiment concerning the origins of life conducted by Stanley Miller who along with Harold Urey realized what we know today as the Miller-Urey experiment. This experiment showed that organic compounds can be created with no relative difficulty from inorganic substances. Bada was a