If you like having sex, you should thank pathogens for making it possible


Eating fruit may have given primates their big brains, paving the way for social structures

Chow down.

Deep burial in sub-seafloor sediments seems to ‘freeze’ microorganism evolution


These fish have evolved the ability to leap onto land — to avoid being eaten

These fish are quite comfortable out of water.

New paper explains why predatory dinosaurs walked on two feet while mammals stayed on all fours

It’s all about the tail.

Carnivorous plants all over the world used convergent evolution to start eating flesh

This means being carnivores must have been an excellent solution for these plants.

Bizarre, 100-million-year-old insect trapped in amber might be from a new branch of life

Researchers have found a very old and “alien like” insect and they’ve decided it doesn’t fit anywhere in the current tree of life.

Evolution in a lab flask: scientists witness virus speciating into two distinct species

Real-time evolution, what more proof do you need?

Hands and digits evolved from fish fins, groundbreaking study proves

Our beloved hands are coded by the same genes that make fish fins.

Unsettling sculpture showcases how humans would look if we evolved to survive car crashes

Kinda looks like an end-boss in an RPG.

Study suggests that primates prefer alcohol in their nectar

Looks like happy hour isn’t just a human thing.

Research suggests turtle shells evolved for digging, not protection

The discovery highlights how trait functions can change with evolution.

Humans got smarter to care for needy infants, making them more helpless in the process

University of Rochester researchers developed a new evolutionary model that suggests human intelligence developed to meet the demands of our infants, in a self-reinforcing cycle: bigger brains led to shorter pregnancies, requiring parents to have even bigger brains.

Deep male voices might have evolved to intimidate other males, not attract females

A deep, low pitch voice is often sought after in a man, but a new study suggests this characteristic might have evolved to intimidate other males, not attract females.

Very rare waterfall-climbing fish can walk like a salamander

Found in only eight caves on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, this eyeless fish can walk.

You need not look any further than your own body for proof of evolution

What does a weird tendon on your inner wrist have to do with evolution? This video explains.

Research team grows “dinosaur legs” on a chicken for the first time

Researchers have manipulated the genome of chicken embryos so that they develop dinosaur-like bones in their lower legs.

Evolution selects the most effective genes — even by a hundredth of a percent

A new study measuring the forces that shape bacterial genomes determined that a difference in efficiency of hundredth of a percent is sufficient to determine the winners and losers in the evolutionary race.

The circle of life shows how all of the 2.3 million known species fit together

The latest, most complete tree is the result of a three-year effort by researchers from over a dozen institutions from around the world. They combined tens of thousands of diagrams into one single tree, most easily read as a circle.

Evolving legs from fins was surprisingly simple, new study finds

New research shows that the first vertebrates had a surprisingly easy time adapting from fins to legs.