Seen more spiders lately? That’s because they’re no longer afraid of the light, researchers say

So that’s why…

Poaching evolution: elephants are evolving to lose their tusks

It would be an amazing example of evolution — if it weren’t so tragic.

Barn swallows have evolved to live alongside us, new research reveals

They live with us, but they’re not domesticated.

Humans are exterminating mammals faster than evolution can keep up

Saving biodiversity makes more sense than waiting millions of years for it to re-evolve.

Stunningly preserved 228-million-year-old fossils shed light on mysterious turtle origins

The turtle relative is the oldest with a beak.

The Timeline of Human Evolution

We’re taking you for a ride through evolutionary memory lane, carefully listing the members of our long family tree.

The world’s first animals also caused the first global warming event — but it took 100 million years

There’s a metaphor here, and an important lesson for ourselves.

One genetic change 3 million years ago made our brains big — and won us the world

I’m not complaining.

Earth’s first giant predators produced killer babies

If the adults weren’t scary enough, the babies were also killing machines.

Early baleen whales were fearsome predators with wicked teeth, but lost them entirely

Baleen, one surprising fossil suggests, evolved from gums rather than teeth.

Mass extinctions don’t come out of the blue — and we’re seeing some of the signs today

An incoming mass extinction isn’t as hard to spot as we’d believed.

Darwin’s “advertising” — the magnificent biological art of Ernst Haeckel

You might have not heard his name, but you should have.

Saddle up: New evidence forces us to rethink what we know about horse history

Instead of the domesticated horses deriving from today’s wild horses, it’s the other way around.

Debunking some misconceptions about evolution

Sometimes, it’s good to remember that even evolution doesn’t want you to be perfect. Good enough is just fine.

Plants colonized the land 500 million years ago — much earlier than we thought

Plants might have moved on to the land 100 million years earlier than we thought.

Primitive ‘walking’ fish can teach us how the first land animals evolved

An amazing ‘living fossil’ suggests ancient marine life evolved the software for walking before the hardware.

People who don’t understand evolution are much more likely to reject it

Well here’s a shocker.

Amazing fossil shows that Earth’s earliest birds evolved just like Darwin’s finches

These proto-birds may have evolved just like their modern relatives.

Humans got a brain upgrade less than 200,000 years ago, and it made us what we are today

The brain changes and the skull follows.

Different species can emerge in only two generations, new study reveals

It’s the equivalent of your grandkids being a new species. Pretty crazy.