Tuberculosis in Europe is in decline but every 2 minutes 1 person is still diagnosed with TB

Overall, the situation in the European Region is improving slowly to end TB by 2030.

Asia may have given the world beer yeast, new research finds

Thank you, Asia, you’re the real MVP.

33,000 people die every year in Europe due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Things are becoming more and more concerning.

Just 20% of US students learn a foreign language — compared to 92% in Europe

This seems to be a systemic problem.

Europe’s grids will feed primarily from wind farms by 2027, predicts the International Energy Agency

Go Europe, go!

Ivory trade made Greenland great, then barren again

Turns out a one-trick economy never lasts long.

Portugal and Spain brace for record-breaking temperatures

I don’t wanna say it’s global warming, but it sure quacks like global warming.

The rulers of every important European state from 400 BC to present day, in one amazing video map

The rise and fall of empires in one epic animated map.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island to build new offshore wind farms totaling 1.2GW

As developments in Europe drive down installation costs, the US is eager to get clean energy.

Europe will see a doubling of drought areas if climate change isn’t addressed

The Mediterranean, one of Europe’s most beautiful areas, will bear the brunt of the damage.

Without tree husks to house them, Europe’s beetles are dying out

Sometimes not tidying up can be a good thing.

Europe’s microwave ovens release as much CO2 as 6.8 million cars

That’s a lot of CO2.

Europe will get 10,000 EV charging points and an ‘electric highway’ to connect Italy to Norway by 2020

Old world, new tricks.

Europe’s first farmers mingled with the locals, slowly mixing the communities together

Until now, we didn’t know if the two greeted with a handshake or a bloodbath.

Mysterious 9.7-million-year-old fossilized teeth likely belong to unknown ancient European primate

Some speculate the teeth may belong to a hominid species but evidence backs no such sensationalist claim.

By 2100, hundreds of thousands of EU nationals will bake to death each year with only 3 degrees global warming

Things are heating up all over the world.

Snake fungal disease observed in Europe for the first time

Some pretty bad news for European snakes.

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, pledge to quintuple the EU’s offshore wind in a decade

No halfsies!

The first hominids might have evolved in Europe, fossil jaw suggests

Emphasis on might.

Europeans don’t believe climate change deniers and want governments to take action, huge poll reveals

The flag’s blue but we’re green through and through.