England’s youth are drinking less and less — and some have never had a drink

I didn’t know you were allowed to do this in the UK.

Want people to buy more electric cars? Simply put green license plates

Several countries are already doing it.

The British mainland was formed by three continental collisions

Bumpy start!

The Antonine Wall was adorned with brightly-colored, grisly propaganda to keep Scottish tribes at bay

The best fight is one you can paint your way out of.

British surfers are more prone to be antibiotic resistant bacteria carriers

A new study shows that surfers are three times more likely to harbor very resistant types of E. coli. 

UK archaeologists unearth “nationally important” collection of Iron Age artifacts

Among the most intriguing findings are a group of (likely ceremonial) cauldrons that show signs of long-term use and repair.

White Cliffs of Dover in danger from developers, National Trust pleas for donations to keep them safe

A unique place is in danger. Here’s how to pitch in.

Britain powered itself for a day without coal — the first time since the industrial revolution

It’s an important milestone, but there’s still a long way to go.

England’s doctors go on first-ever all-out strike after disgraceful government measures

Thousands of junior doctors (the rough equivalent of a resident in the US) walked out of hospitals and emergency wards to protest against borderline inhuman measures implemented by the government. It’s the first time in English history since an all-out strike was carried out. The NHS said “military level” contingency planning had been carried out to protect patient safety during

Oldest footprints discovered in Europe are 800,000 years old

Right on the English coast, near Happisburgh, scientists discovered what so far are the  earliest footprints discovered thus far in Europe, dated  800,000 years old. Some five human ancestors left these historical footprints in mud on the bank of an ancient river estuary. Perfect timing and the geological circumstances of the time allowed the prints to be preserved until the