UNESCO takes the Belize Barrier Reef off the endangered sites list thanks to conservation efforts

Good news regarding corals are very rare these days.

Scientists say cheetahs should be on the endangered list

The range of cheetahs is becoming smaller and smaller — as is their population.

Giant Panda no longer ‘endangered’ thanks to conservation efforts in China

Good news: giant pandas rebound!

The American pika is being killed off by climate change

They may be the cutest animal in the country, but we’re cooking the d’awww out of them.

Scientists discover first pulsing white dwarf binary star

Every two minutes, this pulsing star lights up the entire star system.

A rare success story: squirrel moves off the endangered list

Unfortunately, stories of animals becoming endangered are way more common than the reverse, but perhaps this makes it even more important to celebrate the success we do have.

Third of all cactus species are endangered, mostly because of illegal trade

The International Union for Conservation of Nature assessed the state of cactus populations around the world and found almost a third of all species are endangered. The report summarizes that human activity is threatening hundreds of species with extinction. This includes illegal trading, agriculture and aquaculture, but also land-use change.

App that could help endangered species is backed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

If you want to help protect endangered species, there’s a new app that might facilitate that. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said Monday it’s teaming up with Sweden-based FishBrain to develop a social, free-to-use app that might make a difference for local wildlife. The app can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices. Anglers are among the most likely people to

Europe has 421 million fewer birds than 30 years ago

Europe has an estimated 421 million fewer birds than it did 30 years ago, a startling study has found. The current trends show an unsustainable development, and if things continue with ‘business as usual’, we can expect even more decrease and even extinctions. Some of the birds that have suffered the most alarming declines are some of the most well

The emperor: major penguin colony disappears

It’s another bad omen for life on Earth, as a colony of imperial penguins from the Antarctica peninsula has disappeared, probably due to the warming of ice caused by global warming. It was expected that penguins would greatly suffer from the warming, but this is the first documented case ever of the disappearance of a colony. First of all, let

Reclusive primate (loris) caught on tape for the first time

Wildlife researchers from Sri Lanka have reported photographing one of the world’s most reclusive animals, the Horton Plains slender loris, an animal thought to be extinct for more than 60 years (1939 to 2002). Slender loris populations are native to the rainforests of Sri Lanka and southern India have been in decline for decades, but unfortunately, this process sped up

Siberian tigers face dramatic decline, drawing near extinction

The Siberian tiger is the biggest feline to walk the face of the Earth at the time, but if today’s trends continue, that will change in the not so distant future; and not because other species will grow bigger, but because the Siberian tiger can become extinct. There were around 300 tigers living in Eastern Russia just 4 years ago

A new species of chameleon discovered

Dr Andrew Marshall, from the Environment Department at the University of York is the first who spotted a member of the species (and reported it) while surveying monkeys. The meeting however was extremely unfortunate for the chameleon, which was shortly after eaten by a snake. The specimen was collected (I really have no idea how), and compared to two other

Saving a plant that could save your life

There is (or at least there should be) a lot of attention focused around endangered wildlife and protecting a number of species from the damage which we as humans bring to them more or less directly. The animals most definetly deserve it. But most people don’t think of plants as being endangered, but the thing is that they are. This has