Mindbending ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ experiment involving 100,000 gamers proves Einstein wrong

Quantum mechanics — how does it work?!

Einstein tipped a Japanese bellboy with notes on living a happy life. They’ve now sold for $1.8 million

It’s rather ironic and one can only wonder what Einstein would say about all of this.

Why the gravitational waves splashed by the merger of two dying stars spells a revolution in astronomy

This was an amazing week in science — with much more to come.

Another Einstein predication is confirmed by scientists: gravitational lensing measures star’s mass for the 1st time

Einstein — right again!

How Albert Einstein broke the Periodic Table

In a study published in the January 19, 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), scientists at Tsinghua University in China confirmed that something very unusual is happening inside extremely heavy atoms, causing them to deviate from their expect chemical behavior predicted by their place on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Dropping weights in space to test Einstein’s general relativity

Extraordinaire experimental physicist  Galileo Galilei allegedly climbed hundreds of step to reach the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s – which wasn’t so leaned as it is today – and dropped  pairs of balls of different weights and materials onto the ground. The experiment was meant to prove in front of the crowd of scholars and students gathered in front

Book review: “Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed”

A great explanation of Einstein’s theory of relativity for laymen.

The history of physics in a short, neat animation

Physics is a branch of science that interestingly enough developed out of philosophy, and was thus referred to as natural philosophy up until the late 19th century – a term describing a field of study concerned with “the workings of nature”. Here’s a short, very interesting and nice animation showing a short history of physics, from Galileo to Einstein. Hope

After extending Einstein’s theory of relativity to greater than light velocities, the laws of physics alter

When last year scientists at CERN reported how neutrinos traveled a few tens of nanoseconds faster than the speed of light, the whole scientific community was left in shock, since it defied even the most elemental restriction of modern day physics, a corner stone without which physicists would have to rebuild the Standard Model. Still, for some researchers, even after

Einstein’s brain: now available on iPad

After the most recognized physics figure in the world, Albert Einstein, past away on April 18, 1955, the whole world was left in shock, seeing how he was even by then considered the most famous physicist in history. His dying wish was that of being cremated, however an eccentric physician by the name of Thomas Harvey, a Princeton Hospital pathologist, removed Einstein’s

Faint galaxy sheds light on the dawn of the Universe – many more to be found

The first galaxies formed very fast after the Big Bang – in cosmic time, that is. It’s estimated that the earliest ones appeared some 500 million years after the Big Bang, a period about which researchers know very little. How they observed it Even though they are typically very bright, such galaxies are quite hard to observe because they are

Original Einstein manuscripts to be posted online [shorties]

All 80.000 items from Albert Einstein’s archives, including a huge number of manuscripts, personal correspondence with several lovers and a touching letter to his ailing mother are going to be published online. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which currently owns the Einstein collection is currently uploading high-res pictures of his scientific works, letters on social issues, including nuclear disarmament and

Not that fast: neutrinos shown to travel at sub-light speed, refuting controversial claims

Last September the whole scientific community was set ablaze by a the controversial claim set forth by CERN scientists, part of the OPERA experiment, in which they announced that they had measured neutrinos traveling at a velocity faster than the speed of light – 60 nanoseconds faster to be more exact. The implications of this statement are monumental. One of

Achieving the unbelievable: taking a picture of a black hole

Black Holes are the least understood entities, so far, in the Universe. However, if there’s one thing scientists know for sure about them, it’s that they’re the most extreme environment in cosmos. Black Holes have such a powerful, relentless gravity pull that it swallows absolutely everything in its vicinity, even light gets absorbed with zero reflection. This makes it practically

Particles faster than speed of light put to the test by Fermilab, US

Last week, ground shattering news hit the scientific community worldwide when CERN announced that their experiments showed that neutrinos fired from the CERN laboratory in Geneva, reached their destination of Gran Sasso, Italy, 60 billionths of a second faster than they would have if they had been traveling exactly at the speed of light. CERN scientists have since then made

Faster than light sub-particle at CERN breaks laws of physics

What’s maybe the most shocking announcement for the scientific community this whole millennium came earlier today from Geneva, when scientists at CERN dropped the bomb shell according to which they’ve managed to break the speed of light barrier. If their three years study of measurements with re-checks upon re-checks proves to be valid, than the entire current laws of physics

Einstein’s theory passes tough test

Two studies put Einstein’s theory, the General Theory of Relativity to a test unlike any other before. The two teams used extensive observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory to analyze galaxy clusters, the biggest objects in the Universe that are bound together by gravity (at least, that we know of). The first team produced results that dramaticaly “weaken” a competitor

The most absurd explanation you’ll hear today

Well, the talk is on homeopathy, but this is really not about homeopathy. It’s about the “physics” explanation, and how it manages to be so absurd that it basically urinates on pretty much modern science in just 5 minutes (which is quite an achievement, truth be told). With no disrespect, how she got the “Dr.” title is beyond me, and

Neil deGrasse talks about e=mc^2

Neil deGrasse is definitely one of my heroes, and the simplicity through which he manages to explain even the most complicated things is absolutely amazing. After the symphony of science, here’s him in a short video talking about what is perhaps the most important equation to date.

What are Einstein’s true beliefs about religion and science?

  I really hope everybody knows who Einstein is, and many people know why he is famous and how he left is mark in the scientific world. Still, aside from his brilliant results in physics (mostly), he is also very well known for his aphorisms, metaphors and overall interesting way of expressing himself. I’ve always found it hard to understand