Dopamine is the key allowing our brains to change beliefs — short-term ones, at least

Don’t forget to post some dopamine with that sarcastic comment — it will work much better.

Waving away mosquitoes teaches them to stop bothering prey

Mosquitoes learned to associate smells with vibrations mimicking human hand movements produced by “the vortexer” machine.

Scientists poke at the root of our need for personal space — using fruit flies

Dopamine seems to be the key.

Scientists see thoughts – and addiction – forming in the brain

These truly are incredible times.

How dopamine is shuttled between neurons

University of Florida researchers have discovered how our bodies control dopamine transport in and out of brain cells.

Heavy marijuana users might damage their brain’s pleasure center

While marijuana use is becoming less of a tabu, in light of medical legalization in places like Colorado, California or Uruguay, the same can’t be said about marijuana research. A while ago, I mentioned how only 6% of marijuana research studies the benefits, which is completely biased and absurd to begin with, considering policymakers have legalized the herb in many

Addiction is a disease that first starts with dopamine overcorrection in the brain

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people around the world, but despite decades worth of research and billions of dollars, our understanding of addiction is still far from being complete. Brigham Young University professor Scott Steffensen and his team have recently contributed with a few pieces in the addiction puzzle, which are of vital importance. Their work suggests that

Possibility of erasing unwanted memories emerges

For the first time in history, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have been able to eliminate dangerous drug-associated memories in mice and rats without apparently affecting other memories. Erasing memories If you’ve ever seen The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (truly a remarkable movie, which I highly recommend) – you probably have mixed

Better Dressed Dopamine

My name is Victoria and I am a shopaholic. I mean it! The feeling I will soon describe will be familiar to millions: a surge of excitement as they find that must-have item in the shop, followed by a sickening sense of let-down shortly afterwards. It may be some relief to discover that scientists not only know why it happens

Scientists give computers schizophrenia to better understand the human brain

Researchers from the University of Texas and Yale infected a computer with schizophrenia in order to find out more about how the human brain behaves and understands things. Human behaviour from a computer Computers can show some signs of virtual schizophrenia too, if they can’t ‘forget’ fast enough. So researchers used a virtual computer model, which is also called a

Alcohol helps the brain remember

The effects alcohol has on our brain are still not perfectly understood, and the general opinion and even some studies are biased because… well, generally speaking, alcohol is bad for you, and we tend to forget that students drink, teachers drink, scientists and artists drink. But according to a study conducted by the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research