Grazing animals drove the domestication of grain crops

This might solve a long-standing puzzle about plant domestication.

Viking cats show that domesticated felines have grown bigger in time (as well as a gruesome history)

The Vikings used to skin cats for their pelts.

Monkeys and wolves forge alliance that resembles domestication done by humans

In Ethiopia’s grasslands, huge herds of gelada monkeys might be in the process of domesticating wolves.

In a just a few years, scientists could domesticate the delicious ground cherry

They used CRISPR gene editing to take a shortcut around traditional plant domestication that can take up to thousands of years.

Oldest bread found in Jordan predates agriculture by 4,000 years

It took great determination for the first hunter-gathers to set off the agricultural revolution — but the bread helped.

Man-made: we’ve domesticated our own species

Does this make us pets?

8,000 years old rock art in Saudi Arabia documents the earliest known use of dog leashes


Why some people love animals while others couldn’t care less

A science-based look at pet-keeping.

Russian geneticist breeds the first domesticated foxes and I want one

Man’s best Russian friend.

Turns out goats and dogs aren’t that different when communicating with humans

There’s a lot more going on under those horns than you’d think.

Dogs may have been first domesticated in Nepal and Mongolia

It probably took a bit of convincing for man to turn wolves into dogs through domestication. At least this is not settled for debate: dogs branched from Eurasian grey wolves some 15,000 years ago. What’s less clear is where did this first happen. After embarking on a huge study which led them to analyze the genetic markup of hundreds of dog breeds, Adam Boyko at Cornell University thinks he’s finally got an answer: dogs were first domesticated in Central Asia, or in modern day Nepal and Mongolia.

Cat domestication traced to Chinese farmers – 5.300 years ago

This is the cat That killed the rat That ate the malt They say it’s easy to train a cat only to do whatever it wants – but cats have come a long way since their wilderness days. Thousands of years before they were immortalized in this lovely English lullaby, cats were doing just fine alongside Chinese farmers, a forthcoming

Cats recognise their owners’ voices but never evolved to care, questionable study shows

Japanese researchers showed that cats are able to recognize their owners’ voices from other voices, but because they domesticated themselves, they never really needed to take notice. The study supports the idea that while cats are often kept as pets, they are beholden to no one. Reserchers Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka tested twenty housecats in their own homes; they

Horse domestication origins revealed after extensive gene study

Horses are arguably one of the most helpful animals man has ever managed to domesticate. At first they were used as source of meat and milk, but it was soon evident that horses were a lot more suited as labor animals than as a direct food medium. Important agricultural advancements were made possible thanks to horses, and due to their reliable nature,