DNA pioneer James Watson stripped of honorary titles after racist remarks

It’s not the first time Watson has made racist statements.

Mitochondrial DNA can sometimes come from fathers, too

A discovery that’s set to rewrite textbooks on biology.

Ancient DNA reveals two previously unknown migrations into South America

We’re beginning to understand who were the first Americans in greater detail.

Ancient retrovirus may make some people more prone to addiction

The study hints to evidence for a physical cause of addiction.

Some Surprising Facts Most People Don’t Know About DNA

We’re all composed of DNA, yet few humans have an understanding of what it is and how it impacts our lives. T

Scientists analyzed the composition of dinosaur DNA — and it’s really similar to birds’

Life, uhm, finds a way.

Wheat’s genetic secrets could lead to better, more resilient crops

More food for less effort? Sign me up!

Bacteria species, too, can become extinct — and they do so quite often

The findings go against commonly-held wisdom today.

Writing a gene in a single day might be possible with new DNA synthesis technique

This is the future of DNA synthesis.

What are the steps of DNA replication

DNA replication is the basis for biological inheritance.

Genes of living descendents might solve mystery of the Inca Empire’s origin

Myths surrounding the founding of the Inca might not only be true — they also seem to be linked.

Mock lunar dust kills cultured cells, alters DNA — raising concerns about the real thing’s toxicity

Dust 2.no.

Scientists confirm weird ‘knot-shaped’ DNA structure in human cells for the first time

Forget the double-helix for a second — there are other, more interesting DNA structures out there.

What Are Five Stages of Mitosis?

Divide and conquer!

Almost 40% of at-home DNA tests are inaccurate, scientists warn

At-home DNA tests are used to offer information about one’s ancestors, risks of certain diseases, and other traits, such as eye color.

Researchers develop nanospears that can transport DNA to cells with pinpoint accuracy

This new technique is less harmful to the cells and more efficient than other non-viral DNA transfer techniques.

CRISPR-Cas9 scissors can cut through both DNA and RNA

CRISPR is more like a swiss army knife now.

Scientists build electrical circuit out of four-stranded DNA

The research could inspire a novel class of microelectronics based on DNA.

Childbirth can make women’s cells age faster than smoking or obesity

Scientists discovered that having children significantly shortened telomeres (genetic markers of aging).

Alcohol byproduct causes DNA mutations that might lead to cancer

An alcohol metabolite, acetaldehyde, caused significant DNA  alterations in mice stem cells.