Researchers make chicken cells resist bird flu by snipping out a tiny bit of their DNA

There’s still a long way to go before we have a full chicken, though.

Researchers create bacteria synthetic DNA

Move away, Nature — come in, Life 2.0.

Hair claimed to belong to Leonardo da Vinci to undergo DNA testing

Critics, however, argue that this effort is flawed from the beginning.

Scientists perform billion-atom simulation of a human gene

The model could solve mysteries about DNA and lead to novel medicines.

Scientists create artificial material capable of metabolism, self-assembly, movement, and organization — key traits of life

If it was capable of multiplying, it would essentially be life.

How sleep might repair your DNA

Sleep might mitigate the damage done to DNA during wakeful hours.

New software allows researchers to CATCH any known virus in a sample

“Tools like CATCH will help us and others detect outbreaks earlier and generate more data on pathogens that can be shared with the wider scientific and medical research communities,” the authors say.

DNA pioneer James Watson stripped of honorary titles after racist remarks

It’s not the first time Watson has made racist statements.

Mitochondrial DNA can sometimes come from fathers, too

A discovery that’s set to rewrite textbooks on biology.

Ancient DNA reveals two previously unknown migrations into South America

We’re beginning to understand who were the first Americans in greater detail.

Ancient retrovirus may make some people more prone to addiction

The study hints to evidence for a physical cause of addiction.

Some Surprising Facts Most People Don’t Know About DNA

We’re all composed of DNA, yet few humans have an understanding of what it is and how it impacts our lives. T

Scientists analyzed the composition of dinosaur DNA — and it’s really similar to birds’

Life, uhm, finds a way.

Wheat’s genetic secrets could lead to better, more resilient crops

More food for less effort? Sign me up!

Bacteria species, too, can become extinct — and they do so quite often

The findings go against commonly-held wisdom today.

Writing a gene in a single day might be possible with new DNA synthesis technique

This is the future of DNA synthesis.

What are the steps of DNA replication

DNA replication is the basis for biological inheritance.

Genes of living descendents might solve mystery of the Inca Empire’s origin

Myths surrounding the founding of the Inca might not only be true — they also seem to be linked.

Mock lunar dust kills cultured cells, alters DNA — raising concerns about the real thing’s toxicity


Scientists confirm weird ‘knot-shaped’ DNA structure in human cells for the first time

Forget the double-helix for a second — there are other, more interesting DNA structures out there.