Watch the Grand Canyon overflowing with clouds in the wake of atmospheric inversion


Why clouds don’t fall

They never fall but they pour.

Jupiter’s cloud bands extend for hundreds of kilometers into the atmosphere

Scientists peeled Jupiter and make striking findings.

Climate change pushing clouds higher into the atmosphere, shifting them towards Earth’s poles

These movements could in turn help speed up global warming.

NASA snaps beautiful picture of Mars as it inches over towards Earth

NASA astronomers captured a beautiful image of Mars on May 12, when the planet was just 50 million miles away from Earth. Bright snow-capped polar regions and rolling clouds above the rusty landscape show that Mars is a dynamic, seasonal planet, not an inert rock barreling through space.

The Skypunch – not a fancy anime combat move, but just as awesome

“Skypunch” is the colloquial name of a phenomenon known as a Fallstreak hole – a large circular or elliptical gap that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds.

Researchers make Mars clouds on Earth

Researchers at MIT have recreated Mars-like conditions within a three-story-tall cloud chamber in Germany, adjusting the temperature and humidity to match those on Mars – basically creating Martian clouds. Judging by the images Curiosity has sent us, Martian clouds look quite similar to ours – the gauzy, high-altitude wisps look a lot like the cirrus clouds we find here on