Quitting smoking is very good for you. Cutting back, not so much

Even a single cigarette can be very bad for you.

Forgotten Poison: How Cigarettes Hurt the Environment

The extent of the environmental devastation cigarettes are responsible for is vast.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

Is secondhand marijuana smoke as damaging as tobacco smoke?

A new study compares the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke to that of tobacco.

E-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco variety, yet debate still lingers

A new study that shifted through 81 e-cig related studies found that these are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Policymakers, however, are inclined to introduce strict regulations for e-cigs, citing unsubstantial evidence that e-cigs do not pose health risks.

Plain packaging makes cigarettes less appealing

Most smokers fall prey to the poisonous grasp of cigarettes because they became seduced by the simple act itself, not because of the taste or other pleasures relieved from smoking. There are many aspects that make smoking  extremely appealing, especially to attention-seeking young. Despite several policies have been introduced in the past decades to put a stop to the seductive

Cigarettes get slapped with bigger and harsher warnings

Remember the days when cigarettes didn’t have to feature labels of all the bad things that can happen if you smoke ? Well, I don’t; but then again, maybe in a few decades people won’t remember the days when cigarettes used to have such ‘light warnings’. Practically, in just a generation or so, things have switched from ‘cigarettes may cause