Many of the world’s waterways exceed safe levels of antibiotic substances — by a lot

Basically, this is boot camp for training antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

New non-antibiotic treatment hijacks tuberculosis bacterium

It could prove a valuable alternative to the way TB is currently being treated.

The CDC warns that “chronic Lyme” is bogus and the treatments are horrifying and deadly

The only thing ‘chronic’ about chronic Lyme is the suffering treatments will cause you.

What is antibiotic resistance: everything you need to know

Antibiotic resistance is threatening to undo a centuy’s worth of medical progress.

Tasmanian devil milk might be the secret weapon against superbugs we’ve been waiting for

Watch out, bugs, the devil’s out for ya!

Untreatable bacteria identified in the US

A strain of E. coli resistant to last-resort antibiotics has been identified on United States soil for the first time. Health officials say this could be the end of the road for antibiotics, leaving us virtually helpless in fighting future infections.

Common antibiotics might cause mental confusion

Some antibiotics (including common ones) may cause serious brain disruption and other serious problems according to a new study. The study found a connection between the drugs and delirium (a disruption in brain functions that may be accompanied by hallucinations and agitation). Antibiotics are not the first drugs suspected of causing this but the fact that common ones may also be

Clay used by the First Nations people destroys fatal drug-resistant pathogens

A team at University of British Columbia claims that a type of clay found northwest of Vancouver is effective against a dangerous class of drug-resistant bacteria. The clay investigated by the Canadian researchers destroyed the ESKAPE germs, in some instances in less than 5 hours. Furthermore, the clay is completely natural and no toxic side-effects have been reported thus far.

Drug resistant Strep and the return of the scarlet fever

In a study published Monday in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Queensland caution that the surge in scarlet fever cases may pose an unexpected threat.

You may be using antibacterial soap incorrectly

Most people nowadays buy antibacterial soaps instead of normal ones, because they believe it keeps them safe and protects them for the oh-so dreaded bacterial infections. Apparently, there’s little evidence that antibacterial soaps provide any additional protection than the regular kind. The problem: most people don’t use them properly. For that matter, it may be wiser to ban antibacterial soaps

American livestock is riddled with drugs – what’s in your meat

A report released to the public by the  USDA Inspector General  states that numerous beef samples were found to contain penicillin, the antibiotics florfenicol, sulfamethazine and sulfadimethoxine, the antiparasite drug ivermectin, the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug flunixin and heavy metals. Some of the meat entered the human food supply, and as we all know what your food ate you eat. No attempt at a

Super-strong, drug resistant bacteria evade detection net

Drug resistant bacteria (immune to almost all antibiotics) are dreaded by patients and physicians alike. Finding them in hospitals is bad enough as it is, but failing to detect them is even worse – it can result in a dramatic outbreak. This is why patients with bacterial infections are typically screened using automated lab tests that uncover the pathogen’s identity,

Psychobiotic germs could be the next game changer in psychiatry and recreational drug use alike

An estimate 20% of Americans use some of form of psychotropic medication, amounting to a $34 billion industry. Desperate to ease their problems away with one magic pill, people are flocking in pharmacies to take their regular hits of Prozac, Valium or Vicodin. In the future, however, a new class of drugs may enter the market – drugs that are

Germ antibiotic resistance ‘as big a risk as terrorism’

With the continuous advancements in medicine, it’s easy to forget that not only are we adapting to new species of germs, but they are adapting to our medicine as well – sometimes even much faster than us. The danger posed by growing resistance to antibiotics should be ranked along with terrorism, the government’s chief medical officer for England has said.