Research uncovered new, surprising melting patterns beneath the Ice Ross Shelf

Sometimes, you just have to look at individual trees to understand the forest.

Nearly one quarter of West Antarctica ice is unstable, melting, study reports

That’s a LOT of ice.

Scientists may have finally solved the mystery of emerald icebergs

Iron oxide may be coloring some icebergs green, which would make them important nutrient carriers for marine life.

Antarctica is losing six times more ice than 40 years ago

There’s enough ice in Antarctica to raise sea levels by 60 meters — and it’s now on a slippery slope.

Antarctic ice shelf makes ghostly sounds as winds whip across its surface

It’s like the soundscape for a bad horror movie.

New map of Antarctica is the most detailed out of all continents

“It’s a bit like being almost blind and putting on glasses for the first time and seeing 20/20,” a researcher said.

The coldest temperature on Earth has been updated — and it’s ungodly low

Scientists say it can’t colder than this new record of minus 98 degrees Celsius.

New study shows that Antarctica is seismically active — we just haven’t listened close enough

If you want to understand something, you need to study it closely.

A hundred years later, Captain Scott’s Discovery expedition can offer important climate change insights

Century-old samples might teach us something new about climate change.

Scientists harvest first batch of Antarctic vegetables

Growing foods, at ungodly temperatures, without any soil or sunlight — strike one for science!

Huge Antarctic iceberg exposes mysterious marine ecosystem hidden beneath the ice for 120,000 years

One of the biggest icebergs in the world has now exposed a potentially alien-like ecosystem.

Drones to offer faster, cheaper monitoring of Antarctica’s ecosystems

Their job will be to take pictures of fat seals and I’m so, so envious.

Antarctica once had a forest and researchers are trying to figure out why it disappeared

Antarctica hasn’t always been the icy wasteland it is today.

Ozone hole at its slimmest after 30 years of international effort, keeps shrinking

The warmer temperatures seen in latter years helped keep its size in check.

Unless coal is phased out by 2050, Antarctica’s melting ice sheet could drive a massive surge in sea level rise

Some countries are already planning to phase out coal by 2030 but it’s not enough.

Gaping hole larger than the Netherlands opens up in icy sea off Antarctica

Scientists caution that it’s too early to involve climate change in this instance.

Another iceberg, quadruple the size of Manhattan, breaks free from Antarctica

Not good. No, not good at all!

Researchers find warm oasis beneath Antarctica’s frozen wasteland

You could wear a T-shirt in these caves under the Antarctic.

Untouched 106 year old fruitcake found in the Antarctic — it’s probably still edible

No one touched it for more than a century, not even the penguins.

Scientists find 91 new volcanoes miles beneath Antarctica’s thick ice sheet

Exciting but scary news at the same time.