Why do pets like pats?

I mean… ’cause they’re awesome.

Humans have killed 60% of all animals since 1970

Things are not hopeless, but we need to act — now.

When it comes to protecting wildlife, we need better policy, not more science

Well, here’s a surprise.

Ancient pottery portrays perilous path for agriculture under climate change

Don’t scrub your pots too hard — you’re destroying precious climate evidence!

Brands and ads displaying wild animals could make us oblivious to the fact that they’re dying off

You probably think there are a lot of these animals running around.

Wildlife is shifting activity to nighttime because they don’t want to run into humans

Can’t even blame them, I stay awake till 4 am for the same reason.

There are huge differences in how animals see the world — we’re among the crisp-eyed

Enjoy the world in HD.

Climate change is making urban animals smaller, new study finds

Climate change has dangerous and often unforeseeable consequences.

Scientists use astronomy software to protect endangered creatures from poachers

Drones are hot on the poachers’ hot traces.

Mass extinctions don’t come out of the blue — and we’re seeing some of the signs today

An incoming mass extinction isn’t as hard to spot as we’d believed.

Rats trade with each other and are surprisingly fair, research finds

Hey, kid! Psss, kid! Wanna buy some cheese?

Forests are increasingly patchy and fragmented — which is bad news for the species living there

There aren’t many things that can substitute a deep, thick forest.

Some otters learn how to solve problems by observing other otters

Otters are copycats.

Why bigger isn’t necessarily faster: a look at animal speed limit

Larger animals are faster — but only to a certain point.

Llama-like creature Darwin used to call the “strangest animal ever discovered” finally gets a family

“Imagine a camel without a hump, with feet like a slender rhino, and a head shaped like a saiga antelope.”

Cute animal therapy can be exactly what you need to put the spark back into your marriage

Then again, do you really need a reason to take “cute animal therapy”?

Every day, this man in Kenya drives hours and hours to bring water to wild animals

Nothing short of an incredible story.

Climate change has already harmed more than half of all mammals

It’s even worse than we thought.

Deliciously funny finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Nature… as you’ve never seen it before.

One it ten UK species faces extinction, State of Nature report warns

You can’t take 10% out of something and still expect it to work.