Engineers Develop Alternative Solar-Heating Storage Material

Believe it or not. We could keep our homes warm during the cold nights without using electric heaters or burning wood or fossil fuels. Thanks to the genius of a team of young mechanical engineers of Andhra Pradesh which has invented a technique that converts solar energy into heat energy. They had found that the ordinary paraffin wax combined with

Ideal hydrogen storage material may have been found

Developing safe, reliable, compact, and cost-effective hydrogen storage technologies is one of the most technically challenging barriers to the widespread use of hydrogen as a form of energy. Hydrogen is a great fuel, and if used in perfect conditions it can power numerous applications. However, with today’s tech a hydrogen powered car can’t even travel more than a few hundred

Earth Hour is approaching

Yes, I know there’s still a few days until Earth Hour comes, but I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. At 8:30 PM, on Saturday, 26 March 2011, lights will switch off for one hours, in the hope that people will commit to actions that go well beyond that one hour. In case you don’t know what

[VIDEO] A brief history of fossil fuels

As fossil fuel resources significantly diminish every year, the world gets ever tumultuous and panic slowly begins to settle moment by moment. Luckily, suitable energy is a topic which gets a lot of attention nowadays, although not nearly as publicized as it should, seeing how the general public is still at a low awareness level. The Post Carbon Institute is

How much area would be required to power the world (with solar panels alone)

I came across this particular pic which really made me think. I don’t know if they did the math right, but if they did, with a surface as big as the plastic island floating around in the Pacific covered with solar panels, the whole world could be powered. If we consider other sources of clean energy (hydro plants for example),

Alternative energy could be the key to the economic crisis

With the US economy tanking, natural disasters caused by climate change, several wars being fought in the world and with Italy announcing they will go back to nuclear power, it seems that nobody is looking deeper into the source of these problems and the solution that solving this problem brings. Climate change causes natural disasters, and green energy sources would

Sugar-powered Cars run on Hydrogen

Green fuels are a really hot topic, with every single day bringing a new (claimed) discovery or breakthrough, but many of them are just minor improvements. Still, every once in a while you hear about something that sounds really promising (like green gasoline). Now it seems that chemists are describing development of a “revolutionary” process for converting plant sugars into

Submersible Robot Runs on Sea’s Heat

  This sounds truly great, and I was quite surprised to see it, but it’s a reality. Scientists invented the Prius of ocean-going submersibles — a new “green” robotic glider that runs on energy absorbed from the heat of the sea, rather than batteries. This is one of the best ways of achieving energy.Another thing which makes scientists glad is