Astronaut tweets incredible pictures of Hurricane Florence heading for the US East Coast

“Watch out, America!”

Bill Nye Shares Some Facts and Opinions on Marijuana

It definitely wasn’t your average interview.

NASA releases atmospheric simulation of this year’s hurricane season

Cool and pretty at the same time!? NASA gets the best things!

Fractal: the stunning beauty of Earth’s megastorms seen through Chad Cowan’s eyes


This vinyl playing under the electron microscope is fascinating


An Israeli power plant worker might have found a hand grenade that the Crusaders used

It probably didn’t go boom, but it’s still an impressive find.

NASA wants you to drive their Mars rover

The Red Planet at your fingertips.

Freeze ray vs flamethrower video gives me hope for surviving this summer

Might just be cold enough to make this weather livable.

NOAA photographs golden retrievers swimming back home from their mating run

NOAA has released a photograph of this year’s golden retriever migration. The animals are returning to shore after their mating run, where a new generation of puppies will be born.

Yorkshire’s endangered Amir tigers cubs celebrate their first birthday

Yorkshire Wildlife Park celebrated their youngest trio of Amur tigers’ first birthday in style on Tuesday. Hector, Harley and Hope were filmed on their journey from adorable cubs to adorable ferocious predators and, to mark the landmark occasion, the park released an adorable video showcasing how they’ve grown.

This is Tomatan, and he will power you through a marathon — with tomatoes

Awesome? Undoubtedly. Useful? Well, according to Kagome, which claims to be Japan’s largest supplier of ketchup and tomato juice, people taking part in the Tokyo marathon really need this.

Robotic third arm puts your drumming into overdrive…kinda

The focus point of prosthetics today is, understandably, restoring ability, function and form to those who have lost a limb. But the same technology can be used to augment a healthy body, allowing a person to perform tasks outside of our body’s limitations.

NASA’s Thermonuclear Art is the prettiest thing you’ll see today

The Sun is easily the most recognizable and important star that humanity has ever known. And yet, those who want to study it come face to face with a tiny weensy problem — it tends to burn your retinas if you look at it.

Fossil Friday: Opalized belemnite

Belemnites are an extinct order of cephalopods (“cephalo” meaning head and “pod” meaning leg) that lived during the Mesozoic era, some 200 to 65 million years ago. They were elongated organisms, resembling today’s squids, only tinier and cuter.

Water-breathing scuba mask design still has a way to go

South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon has just unveiled his new concept of a scuba mask that would allow anyone to breathe underwater without requiring air tanks. His design, named the Triton, includes two arms linked to a mouth piece. The branching arms are designed to extract free oxygen atoms from the water and supply breathable air directly to the user. But I’m not sold on it just yet.

The tiny Egloo keeps your room warm for about 20 cents a day

Winter’s here with all its holiday cheer and if you’re like me, way too much food. Also something that winter’s very good at is making the great outdoors cold and the small indoors even colder. But worry not because Marco Zagaria, a student at Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts, promises he can make your home warm and comfortable for a measly 10 cents a room each day, without using any electricity.

Dolphin creates underwater bubble and then plays with it

This dolphin just created a bubble ring (also called toroidal bubble) and started playing with it (I like how he eats it at the end). Surprisingly, many cetaceans such as beluga whales, dolphins and humpback whales, blow bubble rings, but only dolphins engage in such complex play behavior with it. They either puff a rapid burst of water, or a create

Ant colonies behave as a single superorganism when attacked

Ant colonies are incredibly complex systems — the tightly knit, intensely cooperative colonies are closer to a single superorganism than to human societies. Researchers form the University of Bristol wanted to know how this single mind of the hive reacted to distress, and subjected colonies of migrating rock ants to differing forms of simulated predator attack to record their response.

The Marangoni Effect – an affair with surface tension

The Marangoni Effect says that fluid will want to flow from areas of lower surface tension to areas of higher surface tension. Soap has a lower surface tension than Water/ Milk. And as a result, when soap is placed on the surface of a fluid (as it is, in these animations), it wants to flow away to areas of higher

U.S. economic losses from hurricanes fueled by climate change

A recent U.S. study shows how the upward trend in economic damage from hurricanes correlates very closely to the influence global warming has on the number and intensity of hurricanes. Published in Nature Geoscience, it concludes that the commonly cited reasons for growing hurricane damage — increases in vulnerability, value, and exposure of property — don’t stand up very well to scrutiny.