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That’s right, the three countries which are not using the metric system are Liberia, Myanmar and of course… the United States of America (via Wiki). Why is the United States so keen on preserving the imperial system? In short, Americans don’t hate the metric system – they hate change, just like the rest of world. But in an ever-connected world, can the US afford not to line up to a standard that everybody else seems to adhere to? As we’ll learn, this resistance to change comes at a cost. At the same time, change also costs.

Why the US uses the imperial system

imperial vs metric

Because of the British of course. Once the British Empire colonized North America hundreds of years ago, it brought with it the British Imperial System which itself was a tangled mess of sub-standardized medieval weights and measurements. By the time America proclaimed its independence in 1776, the former colonies had still trouble measuring uniformly across the continent. In fact, the forefathers knew this well and sought to address this problem. The first step was granting   Congress the power “to coin Money … and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures,” as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the newly formed Constitution. In 1790, secretary of state Thomas Jefferson made an analysis of the matter and felt reluctant to stir  his country towards the decimal-based metric system, at the time still a fledgling standard born in France.

Metric or Imperial, it’s still science and we love it. Do you? — join our community!

The cold relations with France didn’t help too much either. The proclamation of the metric system was made on June 22nd, 1799 at Paris with the storage in the Archives of the Republic of the physical embodiments of the standard, the prototype metre and the prototype kilogram, both made of a platinum alloy, witnessed by representatives of the French and several foreign governments and most important natural philosophers of the time. France snubbed the U.S. when it invited dignitaries from foreign countries to travel to Paris to learn about the metric system.

It’s important to note, however, that even if US representatives had traveled to Paris, they must likely wouldn’t have returned with favorable news. In 1821, after studying the various units of measurement used by the 22 states, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams determined that the U.S. Customary System was sufficiently uniform and required no changes. Most people thought actually that the metric won’t survive Napoleon’s rule. They were wrong however and by the time the American Civil War ended, most of Europe had turned metric, besides the proud British of course.


In 1866, an act of Congress, signed into law by President Andrew Johnson, made it “lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights and measures of the metric system in all contracts, dealings or court proceedings.” The act however was merely an act of recognition, which didn’t necessarily translate into practical use.

Following the second WWII, the world officially entered a stage still in expansion: globalization. As America was importing and exporting millions of goods, it found itself in a predicament when trading with other countries, most of whom used metric. American companies had to make twin labels, train workers and students with both systems and re-purpose thousands of machines across various industries. The costs were and still are enormous. With this in mind, some Congressmen proposed the US finally switched to metric. In 1971, the U.S. National Bureau of Standards issued a report titled “A Metric America” recommending that the U.S. transition to the metric system over the course of 10 years. In response, Congress enacted the Metric Conversion Act in 1975 to commence the conversion process. However, these good intentions were extremely poorly applied because someone had the bright idea to strip out the 10-year deadline and make the conversion voluntary. Of course, no one wanted to willingly change to metric.

Why the US doesn’t use the metric system

metric vs standard

“The metric system is the tool of the devil! My car gets fifteen rams to the hogs head and that’s the way i like it!” – Abe Simpson.

So, America really tried to switch, albeit it failed miserably. Frankly, it’s easy to see why. Switching to metric is, in a sense, like switching to another language. If you’re not American, picture this: how would you feel if your government enacted a new rule that forces you to switch to the imperial system? Yes, the metric is simpler and uses fewer units, but rational reasons aside, you’d be furious simply because you’d have to change the frame of reference you’ve been used to all your life. The UK switched to metric in 1965, and this happened only because the industry forced this. UK companies were simply having too much a hard time trading with European countries. Even 50 years later, many Britons still refuse to move entirely to metric.  Distances are still measured in miles, yards and inches, weight in pounds and stones, even pints and gallons are still used.


The US isn’t pressured by the same trading problems as the UK,however. You don’t need the metric system to measure one car made in Japan, or one iPad from China, or to sell one licence of SQL Server to Germany. Most of the food and drinks are made in the US and used there. As far as science and industry go, nowadays most work in SI units. If you’ve studied science in college, you know both systems are thought and enforced. So, for now at least, Americans are still fine without the metric though sometimes problems and confusions regarding metric can cause disasters. For instance, one conversion error between US and metric measurements sent a $125 million NASA probe to its fiery death.

“The use of two different unit systems was the cause of the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter in 1998. NASA specified metric units in the contract. NASA and other organizations  applied metric units in their work, but one subcontractor, Lockheed Martin,  provided thruster performance data to the team in pound force seconds  instead of newton seconds. The spacecraft was intended to orbit Mars at about 150 kilometers (93 mi) altitude, but incorrect data probably  caused it to descend instead to about 57 kilometers (35 mi), burning up  in the Martian atmosphere.” – Wikipedia

In the U.S. Customary System, or the inch-pound system, more than 300 different units exist to measure various physical quantities. Many of those units use the same name but have very different meanings. On the U.S. Metric Association Web site, contributor Dennis Brownridge identifies at least nine different meanings for the unit we know as a “ton”: short ton, displacement ton, refrigeration ton, nuclear ton, freight ton, register ton, metric ton, assay ton and ton of coal equivalent. This is downright confusing even for Americans!

So, while in their day to day lives Americans might not care for the metric system, they might not for long. The country will eventually change to metric, that’s a certainty, the only question that remains is when. In 2013, Myanmar (formerly Burma)  announced it would switch to metric, leaving the US in the fine company of Liberia as the only countries in the world left who haven’t switched to metric.

Metric or Imperial, it’s still science and we love it. Do you? — join our community!

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  1. 1

    That’s not completely accurate. Take the UK, for example, a “metric” country:

    – Milk is sold in multiples of 1 pint sized containers
    – Jam etc is sold in 454g – 1lb jars
    – Road distances are all signed in miles
    – Most people still measure their height in feet and inches and their weight in stones, pounds, and ounces

    Metric, really? I suspect many other countries are the same.

  2. 2

    Wow, I thought we were the only ones. I guess USA isn’t the only country that doesn’t use the metric system. ;)

  3. 3

    Oh, and you’re right David. You could also argue that the US DOES use the metric system, but only in certain situations. (Science, etc.)

  4. 4
  5. 5

    Well UK is in the process of the Metrication. Officially they use metric system, it is displayed on every product and it is the official system taught in school. On the other hand pupils are taught “rough metric equivalents of imperial units still in daily use”, but are not taught how to manipulate Imperial units. Canada, Jamaica is currently in the process of official metrication as well.

    but apart from these countries it is true that only USA Liberia and Burma have not adopted metric system yet.

  6. 6
  7. 7


    Right, how many liquid pint is cubic mile? Or a more realistic example how much is 1/3 inch and 5/16 inch? How much time does it take you to calculate these?

    In metric system it takes like 3 seconds.

  8. 8

    The UK is a mess but is officially using the metric system.
    If the UK ever switched to driving on the right it would be phased in – one month it would be lorries, a month later cars…

  9. 9

    The only reason the UK still uses miles for cars is because if they suddenly changed all the speed limits from 30 to 50, 50 to 80 etc we’d have most of the country speeding.

    I hardly think the UK is a mess, compared to the USA. Didn’t NASA use the wrong unit and end up sending a rocket 10ft into the sky :P. My friend in America uses cups for cooking!

  10. 10
  11. 11
  12. 12

    Australia uses cm for TVs. Some people still tells their height in feet. @Stefing what does driving on the right has to do with the metric system???

  13. 13

    Re:The only reason the UK still uses miles for cars is because if they suddenly changed all the speed limits from 30 to 50, 50 to 80 etc we’d have most of the country speeding.

    Not true. Ireland switched all signs from miles to kilometers a few years ago with little incident of higher speeding. In fact, one could argue that average speed was lower during the changeover as people were more conscious of their speed.

  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16

    No excuse. The world is global, the measurement system is metric. A triumph for the Napoleon and the French.

    In New Zealand we are now mainly metric. Some people still use feet and inches for their height, but even this is dying out. Screen sizes are weirdly in inches, but I suspect this is a USA influence.

    It very ignoring to have shows like “Myth Busters” still using imperial measurements. What are they talking about? The use BTUs (British Thermal Units) for f*** sake. FTW! The next generation will not have a clue.

  17. 17

    Officially metric. That means that metric system is taught in schools, and must be displayed on labels etc. Of course it takes time to switch. But US does not even makes an effort. (In Liberia and Burma they dont use metric system officially but it is widely used.)

    Of course USA should not switch because the rest of the world using metric system. They should switch because the metric system is a much better system. It is like using horse-drawn carriages in the 21st century. Which is a weird thought when you talk about US.

  18. 18

    The USA finds it hard to change anything though, not just measurement systems. Take global warming – they’re still one of the biggest polluters and still do almost nothing to prevent it.

  19. 19

    I’m American, and I can’t stand the imperial system. I talk to my wife in metric regularly (i.e.: Honey, it’s gonna be gorgeous today. Sunny and warm, and 28). We travel a lot, and it’s ridiculous that we have to translate anything into Metric…pounds, dry ounces, fluid ounces, miles, inches…stupid. If Americans would just wake up to the simplicity of Metric and stop defending an indefensible system, measuring stuff would become so much simpler.

  20. 20

    Chris, how about you use what you want and everyone else uses what they want? You can continue to feel superior and we will just live and not worry about units.

  21. 22

    Using the metric system for science and industry is a no-brainer.

    For quotidian life, however, some parts of the traditional systems are superior because their origins are organic.

  22. 23

    back in the 70’s it was all about moving to the metric system lol

    now it’s about keeping the imperial system so they can sell more tools lol

  23. 24

    Even as a US Physics teacher I still prefer the imerial system for everyday use. Metric is great for science, but it’s just not as human as imperial.

  24. 25

    “Or a more realistic example how much is 1/3 inch and 5/16 inch? How much time does it take you to calculate these?
    In metric system it takes like 3 seconds.”

    I don’t understand. 5/16″ in metric? Takes the same time as converting the metric equivalent to inches. But you’re missing the bigger picture — if you want to drill a 5/16″ hole, you don’t convert to a decimal. You go and get a 5/16″ drill. If you need a piece of metal 5/16″ thick, you can buy precision ground stock at that thickness.

  25. 26

    @Karthik So essentially you say that you prefer to use imperial system when you dont need to make any calculation. But you prefer metric when you need to do calculation.

    Now if I go to a shop that sells flooring supplies, then I can buy flooring that cost 3.59 per square foot and that cost 1.99 per square yard.

    Your bigger picture is irrelevant. If you need a 3mm drill you can go and get a 3mm drill.

    If you dont need to calculate than it does not matter what system you use. If you need to calculate something than metric system is better. simply because you dont need conversion at all.

  26. 27

    @Ramius How imperial system is human? And how metric system is not human? Can you bring an example? I think not. The maximum you can say that it is human for you because thats the system you got used to when you were a kid. For me measuring meters and centimeters with my body just as simple than for you measuring iches a feet.

  27. 28


    Again, the traditional systems are organic, i.e. they arose naturally from their environment. Metric is an artifice, though its designers strove to tie it to Nature . Look at all the different things upon which the meter has been standardized – wavelengths of light, fractions of the circumference of Earth, etc. The basing of centigrade on the states of matter of water is nifty though. At the end of the day, however, metric overall is just so much prescribing the use of “hir” and “sie” as “gender-inclusive” pronouns in English.

    What sounds more “human” – adding 1 cup of milk to a recipe or 240ml? What paints a more vivid picture of power (esp in vehicles) – horsepower or watts?


  28. 29


    It’s the same as buying a banana at a restaurant for $1 or at the supermarket for $0.20, you’re paying for the convenience. 1 yd^2 = 9ft^2, so unless the yard2 costs 9x as much as the foot2…you’re being ripped off.

    Going back to the example of the cup – if you need 240ml of liquid for oatmeal, do you go to your graduated cylinder and measure down to the ml? No, you take your 1/2L container and fill it up about half way. Same thing with the cup, most people just garb a coffee mug and use that to approximate.

    I don’t understand the premise behind the debate here. If you’re building something which requires accuracy and precision like a building or a bridge, just choose a set of units that your suppliers will be able to handle and stick with it. Engineering is done based on calculations anyways, and most reference books will have fundamental constants in both sets (PSI, Pa, etc). Lathes and mills can use both by just hitting a toggle, you can buy imperial end mills with metric shafts and metric end mills with imperial shafts…

    But I don’t really care if my baker uses cups or liters, as long as his bread is fresh and the cupcakes soft. So, all this talk about units only matters when it comes down to situations where accuracy is important. Metric is great where you want to add significant figures without going to decimal or fractional units, but the problem is most people don’t have the ability to make the necessary measurements to the needed precision anyways.

  29. 30

    If you are using a cumbersome archaic unit of measure then you can end up with the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter for instance.

  30. 32

    @Nicholson “.

    “Look at all the different things upon which the meter has been standardized – wavelengths of light, fractions of the circumference of Earth, etc”

    I have to disappoint you. in 1959 USA and the British Commonwealth standardized the imperial system.

    1 yard is exactly 0.9144 meter
    1 inch is exactly 25.4 millimeter
    1 pound is exactly 453.592 37 grams
    1 gallon is exactly 3.785 411 784 liters

    Yes the imperial system is now standardized on the very same thing that the metric system. Why because there were literally thousands of different units. The length of 1 foot was varied from city to city. It is actually the metric system the older one. Thats the one that was first standardized and not the imperial system.

    I have 5 cup n the cupboard each different sizes. You have “customary cup” “legal cup” “imperial cup” and “metric cup” each different. When you read “one cup” which one you will use? When I read 240 ml than it is 240 ml no more, no less.

    How much “cup” is one fluid ounce? is it a customary fluid ounce or imperial fluid ounce?

    You use mile and not one but three. You have statute mile (1760 yard) survey mile (5280 survey feet) and nautical mile (1852 meters or 6076.12 feet)

    You have inch, 12 inch is a foot, 3 foot is a yard 2 yard is a fathom, 1760 yard is a mile.
    You have pound which is 7000 grain or 16 ounce. A long ton is 2240 pounds a short ton is 2000 pounds

    On the other hand in metric system you have gram for mass, meter for length, square meter for area, cubic meter for volume. That’s it. If you want smaller or larger units you divide or multiply by the power of 10. Essentially you pushing around the decimal point the number itself does not even change.

  31. 33

    The statue and survey miles are the same: 1760yards*3feet/yard = 5280feet.

    Here’s where a knot is useful: a ship going due south at 60 knots will travel 1 degree of latitude every hour. So, a ship going 30 knots will take 180degrees/(30/60) = 360 hours to make the journey from north to south (assuming no land and only ocean). There’s a reason pilots of aircraft and captains of ships use an “antiquated” set of units.

    MCO would have worked in imperial units too. The problem is *mixing* them. As I said before: choose one and stick with it. Virtually all science is done in SI (MKS or CGS), so when you build a scientific satellite you should use SI.

  32. 34

    The statue and survey miles are NOT the same. Statue mile is 1,609.344 m and survey mile is 1609.3472 m. Not much difference but just might be enough to miss the Mars.

    “ship going due south at 60 knots will travel 1 degree of latitude every hour.”

    How is this helpful? 60 is just a number. do you know a ship that goes with 30 knots/hour all the time? It is easy to make up numbers. Earth circumference is ~40000 km long plane traveling at 1000km/hour goes around 40 hours. But then you use mile on one side of the shoreline and nautical mile one the other side of the shoreline.

    “The problem is *mixing* them.”

    Yes!!! Thats my point exactly.

    I would not give a crap if a yard would be 10 or 100 inch, and a mile is 10 or 100 or 1000 yard. AND everybody would use the same system in the world. But is is not like that.

    Everybody using metric except US. And in US you are mixing customary, imperial, and metric system.

    And this is what you do in the US. Different field of expertise using different units. Some are based on metric, some are customary but defined as metric. Some are just customary. Mixing two or three expertise for a project creates nightmare. Selling american goods outside US becomes a nightmare. Why would anybody buy an american built product if they have to order a replacement screw from the US. Of course there is a solution start mixing units in the same factory or a more convenient one, move the factory outside US. Now thats just ideal for everybody. People outside US get jobs, and you can keep your measurement system.
    Well on the second thought. Go on! Keep up the good job!

  33. 35

    Actually I agree nautical mile does make sense in navigation. But of course it fits into SI very nicely. It is specified in meter and and 1 nautical mile is 1 latitude minute. Which moth SI. But how does it fit with imperial system? Yards and feet? Well it does not in any way.

  34. 36

    Do you know what the best measurement system? The one that you’re used to. US don’t change from imperial to metric because this.

    The problem is mixing them, of course, and this is the point of SI and the metric system: if the whole world use the same standard system, you can talk about measurements without worry about the other people will mess things up, whatever they are. This is why science uses it.

    Really, the “metrication” is slow, but worthwhile too.

    PS: sorry any grammatical error…

  35. 37
  36. 38

    guys i only have one question…. in the US, when someone says “a ton” it is 1000 kilograms right? if so then why?!

  37. 40

    Note that the US does not use “Imperial” measurements. They use pre-Imperial-standardisation units of British origin, “US customary units”.

    Many of them are even different from the rest of the world that still use non-metric measurements. A US pint is approx 473ml and an Imperial pint is approx 568ml. Even fluid ounces differ a very small amount.

  38. 50

    Inverse of this map can be seen on the wikipedia page:

    cites this article ( as the source of the information that only 3 countries have not adopted the metric system.

  39. 53

    “Ramius Says:

    Even as a US Physics teacher I still prefer the imerial system for everyday use. Metric is great for science, but it’s just not as human as imperial.

    Read more:”

    Yeah, that’s just rubbish. You are USED TO IT. Its funny how americans always says its more intuitive to use it – that’s just because you are used to it! I have no idea how tall someone is if you say they are 5 feet 4 inches – I can convert it , but there is nothing logical, intuitive or “human” about it.

  40. 54

    “I have no idea how tall someone is if you say they are 5 feet 4 inches – I can convert it , but there is nothing logical, intuitive or “human” about it.

    Right – because there is nothing intuitive about a measurement that is derived – ORGANICALLY – from a part of the human anatomy.


    I suppose using hands to measure the height of horses doesn’t seem intuitive to you either. Tell the French that measuring with their thumbs (“pouce”) isn’t the least bit intuitive.

    Yes I realize that people have differing sizes of feet, hands, and thumbs. However, if you tell someone who is unfamiliar with the specifics of ANY measuring system that a horse is 14 hands tall he will have a much better idea of how tall that horse is than if you told him it was 142.24 cm.

    Yes, metric is far superior to customary systems where standards are critical and conversions of units are frequent: science, industry, commerce, &c.

    But only a db would insist that “5 degrees” is somehow superior to “41 degrees” as a reply to the question “how cold do you think it is today?”

    For QUOTIDIAN life the customary system is just as good a metric, and some might argue that it is in some ways superior since is arises organically from the environment around it.

  41. 58

    Which paints a more vivid picture of power? Watts, hands down. Because I was taught science in metric. Because I therefore understand in detail what a power output (or consumption) of 1 W is, and means. Because I can easily manipulate measurements in watts and even derive equations involving power – from scratch! – without having to remember all the troublesome conversion constants. If an object of 1000 kg is climbing a slope with a vertical speed of 1 m/s in Earth gravity of 10 m/s2 (and ignoring frictional losses), the power output of the engine is quite clearly 10 kW – this is easy to do in one’s head. What is the power output in horsepower (which horsepower BTW?) if a vehicle of 1 imperial ton is climbing a slope at 1 mph in Earth gravity of 32 ft/s2? I have absolutely no idea, and I suspect most people who claim to favour imperial would have to admit the same.

  42. 59

    And of course, UK roads are designed and built in metric, and road-side markers on motorways and main roads show distances from the origin in, er, kilometres. Oh, and tram speed limits signs are in km/h. And quite a few walking or cycling signs are in metric. 

  43. 61

     What are you talking about?! I’ve never in my whole life seen a street sign in kilometres! Most British people aren’t even familiar with them, as all road signs I’ve ever seen are in miles.

  44. 62

    Here in Australia we use metric and Australia switched in two years back in the early 1970’s and if you ask any australian how hard was it to switch they will say it was very easy and i have spoken to people in there 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s and they have no problem when they switched and cars came only with km/h speedos and i have herd of people with old cars that have miles on the speedo on 100 mp/h thinking they are going 100 km/h and it is very common for them to get picked up for speeding like with old sports cars. we mesher tv screen in inches and we use psi for pumping up tyres and i used kpa to pump up the tyres on my mothers mercedes and nearly blew up the tyres and since then i threw that tyre gage into the rubbish bin and now i will only get tyre gages in psi only or both on it. we use hp on engines power some people talk in kilo watt and i have no idea how any hp it is and i ask someone to tell me so i know what they are talking about but we do use feet and inches on someones height. we use celcus for temperature 

  45. 64

    OK. I’m going to try to clear up why the metric system is objectively simpler and more logical than the imperial or “customary” system. We use a 10-digit system (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) So it should be logical that our mesuring systems should have a base of 10. And if someone insists they shouldn’s, at least choose a specific number! the US customary system has 3s, 12s, 5s, etc… And the temperature is based on alcohol freezing and evaporating points… I understand it was easier to use than a water-based system 300 years ago, but come on! grow up and become a little more rational for god’s sake…

  46. 65

    In the US, 1 ton is 2000 pounds (lbs). 2000lbs ~= 907kg

    It is derived from the tun, the term applied to a barrel of the largest size. This could contain a volume between 210 and 256 gallons (800 to 1000 L), which could weigh around 2,000 pounds (900 kg) and occupy some 60 cubic feet (1.7 m3) of space.

    In the UK the ton is defined as 2,240 pounds (1,016 kg)

  47. 66

    I am from the US and I am tired of thinking in terms of fractions when I want to measure anything. “It’s a quarter inch” or “I own a sixteenth of an acre.” I’m ready to adopt the metric system in full. Americans pretty much understand and use it more than they think anyway. By the way Chris–metric doesn’t measure temperature. So stating you commonly use centigrade is irrelevant.

  48. 67

    What! Mercedes is made in Germany. The Germans are completely and utterly metric. They wouldnt be caught dead using PSI. Pascals are the only logical option.1 Pascal = 1 Newton of force over 1 square metre. Thus 1 Kilopascal = 1000 Newtons of force over 1 square metre ;)

  49. 68
  50. 69

    I am almost 50, I remember being in elementary school with the teachers telling us the day is coming when we will switch to the metric system.

  51. 70
  52. 71
  53. 72

    That’s untrue, china is quite polluted, but they produce less pollution, despite having a ~5 times larger population, so US still own the trophy, by far.

  54. 73

    I’m American too, but in my country we use metric system…

    Remember, USA are not the only Americans…


  55. 74

    Canada is officially under the metric system. Speed limits are in km/h. Road distances are in m or km. Products are sold in g, kg, mL, or L. The temperature is given in degrees Celsius. Informally, people still use feet and inches to measure themselves, and pounds to record their weight. The construction industry still uses feet and inches for measurements. Old people still use Fahrenheit to measure the temperature, and they use their big toe to measure wind speed.

    Most cars in North America will have a km/h – mph or mph – km/h speedometer so that drivers can use either measurement when crossing the border between Canada and the US.

  56. 75

    The UK is a pain with its metrication. We changed to a pure metric system. i.e. it worked in the third decimal point. mm. then m. So our schools teach in centimetres ;-( It is 40 years or so and children are still being told about feet,inches, pints. I worked in the rail industry Luddites is a mild description. The industry uses Miles, quarter miles, yards, chains!! (22 yards to a chain). The rail engineers design totally in metric and set out in metric. Then convert to Imperial for the rest of the industry. There are then mistakes. This is then blamed on the engineers. its the engineers fault !!

  57. 76

    Wouldn’t look forward to the month where cars and lorries were driving on opposite sides of the road :)

  58. 77

    Actually, China overtook the US as the world’s largest producer of CO₂ around mid-2000. (That still makes the US the second-largest producer: together, they emit as much CO₂ as the rest of the world combined.)

  59. 78

    Sorry, i should have looked it up seems you are right, but there are still two points to consider here, 1/ china’s population being much larger, so emission per capita is less than half of USA’s one, and 2/ china export a lot of things, to the whole world, so a lot of its production is a direct effect of the rest of the worlds consumption, i.e. we are doing this pollution by buying this stuff, the pollution is just done far from our eyes.

  60. 79

    I am American and really do not care what the rest of the World uses for measurement. I am used to measuring in “U.S. Customary Units of Measurement” and hope we never change. We have a huge economy and the World wants to sell to us. As well as help them when they are inundated with sunamis, protect them from invasion, send economic assistance, etc. So why would I care at all what the French, Germans or anyone else thinks of our system here.

    I am so tired of criticism of my Country by “the World”. If it bothers a European tourist or immigrant from Central/South America that they have to convert their precious millimeters to inches, then stay home, don’t sell to us, disband NATO and forget the U.S. exists. We’ll survive over here. When China turns militaristic or Russia regains its Soviet era power, then “the World” will cry “help us America”. And all the comments about how arrogant Americans are and how spoiled we are, will silenced and those spoiled American soldiers will be fighting and dying on your soil protecting you.

    I was one of those spoiled American Marines in Korea and and am sick of the criticism. I don’t recall any Korean there complaining that we were using bullets sized in inches (.30cal) instead of millimeters.

  61. 80

    That is a fair point; the SI is an abstraction, as is any measurement system by definition. However, the celsius scale is arguably way more intuitive than the Fahrenheit scale. Defined according to natural ‘extremes’ relating to properties of a most common compound — water — and its freezing and boiling point, I would say it is immensely easier to grasp for adults and kids to learn.

  62. 81

    The French donate more money per capita to world aid than any one else and look how we treated them, freedom fries etc.. Educating ourselves about our own faults needs to be included in all this holier than thou talk. Your military service is greatly appreciated. I only ask that you realize that with along with doing many good things we are not perfect as is the case of those we tend to vilify. In science where exact measurement is necessary, we need to have a common system, its easier for other things to be the same as well but diversity is a beautiful thing and so does it truly matter. I would hate to wake up to a world where Paliachi was no more because we all spoke Swahili. (nothing against Swahili either). Just a few thoughts.

  63. 82

    I was wondering about that because a couple years ago I saw a map that said USA, Liberia and Nepal were the 3.

  64. 83

    You “American” are only a seasonal accident of the history. Time will put you in your place. You are beggining to feel the chinese breathing in the neck, don’t worry, it is just indicative that your “America” will fly away as many other big nations along the history.

  65. 84
  66. 85

    If someone told me that a horse was 14 hands high, I would wonder why they can’t give me an actual measurement.

  67. 86

    Silly point … the USA is the only country with “America” in its name. Hence, they are Americans for ease of speech. What would you politically correctly call them, United States of Americans? Come on …

  68. 87
  69. 88

    UK invented imperial so they sort of still use it. Mainland Europe, and most countries that do not speak English all use metric. Canada and Austrailia converted to metric in the 1970’s.

  70. 89
  71. 90
  72. 91
  73. 92
  74. 93
  75. 94
  76. 95

    In English maybe there is not a word to call them but american, but in Spanish we call them “estadounidenses” not americans. You can also say, US Citizen. But you’re right, we call them american but people do know that other people from the american continent are also americans but we do not have this issue related to our citizenship.

  77. 96

    Well, that sounded really mature. Not defensive in the least. And logical & rational, too.

  78. 97
  79. 98

    The imperial system is so messily complicated, it is bound to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  80. 99

    No. Even the USA will become fully metric one day. Remember, abolishing slavery and women’s suffrage, were once thought unthinkable, but they became a reality. A fully metric US will also become a reality one day, whether you like it or not.

  81. 100
  82. 101
  83. 102
  84. 103
  85. 104

    Then good luck in trying to calculate and convert the unrelated units within the imperial system, if you can.

  86. 105
  87. 106

    However, both Liberia and Myanmar (Burma) have announced to switch to the metric system in the future.

  88. 107
  89. 108

    Not “human” when it comes to converting the imperial system. One needs to be a genius to be able to calculate and convert the totally different units of the imperial system, without a calculator and converter.

  90. 109
  91. 110
  92. 111
  93. 112
  94. 113

    Liberia and Burma have announced their adoption of the metric system in the near future, leaving only the USA as the lonely outsider.

  95. 114

    Nope. Not here in the US. We will always use this system, and I Know many people in other countries that still informally use it on a limited basis. Watch Wimbledon tennis…they measure serve speed in MPH. And although Canada is “officially” using that system, many of my Canadian friends Speak in feet, inches, pounds, Degrees Farenheight.

  96. 115

    But even the US is becoming metricated in many fields, even without official federal and state legislation. The metric system is already used almost exclusively in the US military and scientific fields, and is prevalent in the manufacturing sector as well due to international trade (which are already regulated by federal legislations). And
    this is not (only) because of international trade and cooperation in the scientific fields with the “metric” world. So even in the US, the metric system is used, which is more widespread than is generally thought, even though it is not prevalent among the general US population. However, in Canada and in the United Kingdom, the metrication process is still not complete, and they are still “semi-metric”, though the metric system now dominates in both countries. Unlike English Canadians, the French Canadians use the metric system consistently in their daily lives for nationalistic reasons, as a reaction against anything they preceive as a British/English Canadian domination and influence. Only the future will tell, if the United States will officially adopt the metric system at a federal level or if individual states will adopt it themselves (The US associated territories of Puerto Rico and Guam are metric and already were before American rule, which was adopted under Spanish rule). Never say never. But whatever the future holds, the metric system is spreading, slowly but surely even in the US. For an advanced industrialized nation like the United States to hold out and be the only country in the world, not to adopt the metric system is not only
    buffling it is detrimental.

  97. 116

    Nope wont happen. I am glad we stick with our system and always will. I dont care what those French Canadian fairies do. Theyre all gay anyway. We will always use feet, inches, pounds, gallons etc.. I will fight to My Dying Day to keep the metric system as far away from here as possible. I have friends in India, for example….technically they have the metric system, but most people, informally Talk to each other in feet and inches, pounds, Etc.. While the TV reports their Temperature in Celsius, when they take their Temperature’s (for a fever), they invariably measure in Fahrenheit . I have lived there, I Know.

  98. 117

    Don’t be so sure. Remember, the abolition of slavery, the introduction of womens’ suffrage or gay marriage used to be regarded as unthinkable in the United States. So, never say never. Although you say you have lived abroad, you have not become enlightened and opened up your world view and still have that insular mentality that is so unfortunate. Nobody forces you to use the metric system if you don’t want to, but others who wish to, should also have the opportunity to use it and see it on the products alongside the imperial system.

  99. 118

    Gays are disgusting so Im against that in every way. I have lived in many countries, and in every one, people, in informal conversation, always chat in imperial units. And always will. In every country, TV’s and car tires are measured in inches. I am a traditionalist and will always be. You will not be seeing the metric system on signs in the US, or in gas stations. Its 2014, if it hasn’t happened yet, its not happening

  100. 119

    Converted is 1 thing. But u cant force people to use it. I live near the Canadian border and all my Canadian friends Speak in feet, inches, pounds….

  101. 120

    Good for u! As an American, Im glad our closest ally still uses imperial measurements! Cheers, mate!

  102. 121
  103. 122

    it will NEVER happen. There is not 1 country that is FULLY metric. Sure, the government Says they are metric. But in any country, u will find people that measure things in inches, etc.. I have never seen a TV set advertised in centimeters, LOL

  104. 123
  105. 124

    You are rrong. The vast majority of the countries have never used imperial measurments in the first place. You are refering to countries who onced used In Europe and in other parts of the world TV sets also advertised in centimeters as well. Smartphones and computers were always advertised in inches.

  106. 125

    No, unlike car tires, TV sets are not only measured in inches, but in centimeters as well. The metrication is already happening in the US, slowly but surely, so tough luck. And gay marriage and adoption will become legall in all the United States much sooner taking most supporters and homophobes like you by surprise.

  107. 126

    Gay marriage and adoption is going to be legal in the whole United States much sooner than most supporters and homophobes like you, imagined. So tough luck, for you.

  108. 127

    Dude, u are wrong. What did the countries use before the metric system was invented? I have lived in several countries (officially metric) where people still Talk in feet and inches. I just Watched a boxing telecast where a FRENCH-CANADIAN fighter (Dave Limeux) Said, in an interview that he fights in the 160 Lb weight division. He didnt Say “kg”, he Said pounds! OK, and he is french-canadian. Boxing (almost) always refers to weigh classes in pounds. Yes computers are advertised in inches…and what are inches? IMPERIAL! Hello, point proven. The imperial system will never fully be eradicated. Ever been on an Airplane? All pilots from all countries use feet, and nautical miles. Have u been to Mcdonalds? The sandwich is a quarter pounder. Sounds a lot better than “one-eigth killogrammer”, LOL… I can think of many such examples.

  109. 128
  110. 129
  111. 130
  112. 131
  113. 132
  114. 133
  115. 134

    exactly right my friend. This “guest” idiot (scared to use his real name) is just a typical, gay, America-hating communist liberal!

  116. 135

    I have lived there. There are still some old, like signs. Have u been there? People still Talk in feet, inches, furlongs, pounds, etc…..I Know the Hindi words for yard, feet, pounds…there are no Hindi words for metric measurements…..dont act like a Know-it all, gay boy

  117. 136
  118. 137

    who craes if its official, if people prefer not to use it? U cant force people to do anything…good for Equador…by the way, Peru is similar..they still sell gas in gallons

  119. 138

    dude are u a f-ing troll? U just came here 6 Days ago for an article that is Years old…get a life, gay man

  120. 139
  121. 140
  122. 141
  123. 142
  124. 143
  125. 144
  126. 145
  127. 146
  128. 147

    No, butt-hole! Homosexuality is sinful and those people should be shot. You idiotic liberal!

  129. 148
  130. 149
  131. 150

    No it wont, and stop responding to me, you gay fagget. Youre too much of a puss to even use your real name. And yes, i misspelled the above word on purpose, so it is not censored.

  132. 151

    You are no conservative. Conservatives are Pro-Life, anti-gay, pro gun-rights, for strong Military. Youre one of those gay, liberal European faggets.

  133. 152

    Idiot, i have lived in Nepal. While officially metric, nobosy outside of the big cities is even vaguely familiar with the metric system. Try living in these places before u start quoting stupid statistics that u find on the internet.

  134. 153
  135. 154
  136. 155

    You are the son of me, and your mom (who is a whore). I disowned you because you are gay. I was tired of beating u up so i threw you out of my house. I can do this All Day Long, boy……..keep it up……

  137. 156

    Will NEVER happen. Just like you will NEVER be straight. And stop responding to every little thing i write. Im not going to keep scrolling down this page to read your crap

  138. 157

    No you dont, because i kicked you out of my house, son. I was Drunk, so i ended up impregnating your whore of a mom. And your sorry, gay ass popped out of her nasty hole

  139. 158
  140. 159
  141. 160
  142. 161

    No, I am conservative, pro-death penalty, pro-gun right, against gay marriage, etc… And yes I am for a strong military, and an interventionist foreign policy as well.

  143. 162
  144. 163
  145. 164

    I am a conservative, who opposes gay marriage, but I am not against gays. They are the children of God, too.

  146. 165

    They metric system is seeping. Plus there are many anti-communist conservatives, like me who do support the metric sytem.

  147. 166
  148. 167
  149. 168

    GO TO HELL IDIOT and stop responding. Gay boy. Thats why i disowned you as my son.

  150. 169

    You are NO conservative. They are no different from people who perform bestiality, necrophilia, incest, etc.. Now youre against gay Marriage? A Few Minutes Ago, u were touting its praises and calling it inevitable. jerk

  151. 170
  152. 171
  153. 172

    But you were touting the virtues of gay Marriage above…do u not remember what you write, dumb ass? I seriously doubt you hold those views u mentioned. You seem like a gay Frenchman or maybe a gay French Canadian fairy who is also a socialist.

  154. 173

    STOP BELIEVEING WHAT U READ ONLINE idiotic ass! Unless you live in the country, Talk to people there, Know the native languages, u have no clue what you are referring to. RETARD! Nepal is officially metric. Woop-ti fukin-doo. Try Telling that to the poor villagers who have never even heard of it. Being officially “metric” is 1 thing. But how many average citizens actually use it? Outside of the big cities in Nepal, almost nobody does. Actually, they have their own native measurement system (different from imperial) which is predominately in use. Im not Talking about big city malls. Go to a village market and see for yourself how few, if any people even have a clue what a kg is. Remember this is a country, where 25% of the people can’t read. Know your facts before u keep quoting your stupid wikiepedia statistics…..Ya, ya, we all Know every country is technically metric. The reality, is far more complicated. I have lived in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and over half the general, common people (not government elites or well-Educated Rich people) still informally use either native, or imperial measurements. Dumb ass gay man

  155. 174

    No, since you are dumb enough to think its normal to fuk a guy in his ass, then u have no brain. Son

  156. 175
  157. 176
  158. 177
  159. 178
  160. 179

    You obviously have a lot of sex with your mother, father and any animal you come across.

  161. 180
  162. 181

    I am thickhead. Read before you post, more precisely think before you reply.

  163. 182

    I am not touting the virtues of gay marriage, at all, I am saying it will become reality in all of the US, much sooner.

  164. 183
  165. 184
  166. 185
  167. 186
  168. 187
  169. 188
  170. 189

    You obviously were born out of incest, considering your severe mental imbalanec, which you display.

  171. 190
  172. 191

    I can imagine that you come from a very poor dysfunctional semi-illiterate family born out of incest, and who lives in a trailer.

  173. 192
  174. 193

    no one uses pounds in india. for mileage, we use kilometres a litre. A Toyota corolla gives 10 kilometres a litre. its very very simple!

  175. 194

    If you were to watch the Wimbledon matches on German TV, you would see the velocity of the ball being served posted in KPH.

    You are watching an Americanized broadcast specifically
    for a United States audience.

  176. 195
  177. 196

    UK uses miles, also, US uses a mix of imperial and metric (go buy a bottle of Pop at the 7/11 if you don’t believe me)

  178. 197
  179. 198

    No, u idiot, in villages, and other rural areas, people still use pounds. And i measure gas mileage in miles per gallons.

  180. 199

    But, u idiot, if u look at the serve speed indicator board, courtside, it is displayed in MPH. Tennis players, in general (most not all) Speak about their serves in MPH, even the foreign ones. Sam Groth, from Australia, routinely discusses his record 163 MPH serve. And why would i care less about what those stupid Nazi germans do?

  181. 200
  182. 201
  183. 202
  184. 203
  185. 204

    no it wont, u dumb f-a-g. get a life and stop responding to everything i write. a-hole

  186. 205
  187. 206
  188. 207
  189. 208

    i own a Mercedes you stupid moron. The Interior Temperature setting knob is in Fahrenheit only, u illiterate fuk

  190. 209
  191. 210

    hey a-hole, in all of those countries, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, the older, more rural people still informally use the old measurement systems. I have lived in several of these countries And Know this. step out into The Real World, and stop believing what u read online. My grandparents in India dont use killometers, etc.. The young kids do, but not the older, rural folk. Yes, eventually, they will Pass on, but they are still many like them around.

  192. 211
  193. 212
  194. 213
  195. 214
  196. 215
  197. 216

    That is the most pathetic argument in the world.. you sound so typically American stupid you may as well host Fox news. And what’s your obsession with gays about? You sound like a typical closet case. Your arguments are terrible and you need to be shot.

  198. 217

    Yeah… the “metrication” has been happening here since at least 1973. I remember them demoing it in grade school. Soooo… 42 years later… Good luck with that.

  199. 218
  200. 219

    Don’t lump the minority with the majority. I have no love of the metric system but i AM NOT certainly as rigidly immature in my thoughts as that asshole.

  201. 220
  202. 221

    “…tired of thinking in terms of fractions…” Didn’t do so well in school huh? Considering you were taught Imperial. Also, Centigrade is Celsius

  203. 222

    Why don’t you just tell us the places you HAVEN’T lived and we’ll steer the conversation around them.

  204. 223
  205. 224
  206. 225
  207. 226
  208. 227
  209. 228

    you idiot, Nepal still uses old measurements informally as well. Get a life, “guest”. too scared to use your own name

  210. 229

    Um. Idiot, my father and grandfather worked for the UN so I have lived in almost every country there is, at some point. Idiot. Gay boy.

  211. 230
  212. 231
  213. 232

    Stay as you are USA going metric is a con. Britain’s government conned everyone. Take petrol (gas) for instance, we ended up paying per liter the same as we previously paid for a gallon.when prices increase what would have been per gallon is now per liter so 5 times as much. This example can be spread across everything. BEWARE !

  214. 233

    Check it out
    We should all be Columbians and we the USA should be USC.

  215. 234

    So what, you want the US to be behind in measurements for another 10 years because of boxing matches and hamburgers?
    Also, no duh “quarter pounder” makes more sense to you. That’s what businesses (not you) do, make catchy slogans for arbitrary concepts (I.e. pounds, ounces, danged footlongs, etc.)

  216. 235

    What do you mean “we?”
    If by “we,” you mean you and my arrogant stepfather, then you’d be correct. Other than that, I can assure you that me, my brother, and half of the kids at my school of this generation like it when they get to use a system that the world can actually understand.
    Also, the fact that people like you “hope that this will never change” is the reason why our kids are going to be left with the same damn problem that we’ve been trying to fix since the 70’s.

  217. 236

    Dear Jack – are you trying very hard to confirm foreigners’ impression of the American Bigot? I am in New Zealand, and we changed to metric in 1967. Not completely in practice, but my children are much more adapted than I am. I am happy to compare petrol consumption in litres per 100km, and distances are always in Km. But people’s heights for me are Imperial. The world has changed a lot in my 75 years, and mostly for the good. I just wish America would learn how to pick its international fights for the good of the World, instead of butting in where nobody comes out better off than its dong nothing.

  218. 237

    This guy makes me embarrassed to live in the United States.

    Apologies, I promise we are not all this insane.

  219. 238

    64 YO American here. Yes, we Americans are silly and stupid and only delaying the inevitable. Yes, going metric and joining the world makes sense. Yes, metric is much easier. Yes, we hate change. We do buy automobile engines and soda in liters now, and don’t think twice about it. Baby steps, and one day, we will enter the 21st Century. I look forward to the weatherman telling me the temp in Celsius, buying lumber in centimeters, and buying petrol in liters. I look forward to buying petrol instead of gas. LNG? CNG? No, it’s petrol. Progress makes sense. Simplifying and standardizing makes sense. Someday, we will live in a Nation that makes sense. It probably will take a Second Revolution, the way things in Washington are going, but someday. . .

  220. 239
  221. 240

    Please choose another word besides “retarded” for your comparison graph title. You may not know this, but retard/retarded are offensive words to many, many people. . .

  222. 241

    idiot this is my country, and we decide what we like in our countries. Many countries use imperial measurements. Ever been on a plane? Feet and miles is what the pilot uses. Your tv screen and car tires are measured in inches. Imperial forever! BOXING!

  223. 242
  224. 243

    personally, i dont care what other countries do. I have no problem being bigoted against non-Americans. We are the most powerful so WE make the rules. Imperial forever. Happy Easter!

  225. 244

    Why so much hate and anger? I get the feeling you’re repressing something, Are you sure you don’t like men? Nothing to be ashamed of my friend.

  226. 245
  227. 246

    no hate or anger. Trust me, I dont like men. I have a wife (and several girlfriends), and am obsessed with nailing 18-Year old chicks. Im doing fine, thanks

  228. 247

    Metric is convenient for the Technocracy and business.
    For making quantities visible it is absolutely useless, having no human frame of reference, as analogue systems do.
    Metric is inherently elitist, and tends to alienate its users from the real world by being an intermediary devised for the use of experts.
    The number of cultures which UNofficially use analogue systems is far greater than the metrification lobby would admit. The people like it, it makes sense to them. God forbid their cultures, language and heritage should stand in the way of corporate managerialism.

  229. 248

    How many of your friends are space scientists?
    Why do they get the right to dictate to the rest of us how we relate to our environment, and to destroy our culture and literature?
    We don’t tell them to use analogue, they don’t tell us to use metric.

  230. 249

    Says the idiot without the faintest grasp of punctuation. Yup, the Imperial System has found its perfect spokesdimwit.

  231. 250

    your personal attack has been flagged. You are the idiot here. The imperial system rules, gay man

  232. 251

    Holy shit, I’ve been FLAGGED!?! Is that the same threat that your parents use when they catch you dipping your tiny, stunted cock in the neighbor’s cat? And btw, a personal attack implies an attack against a “person” – not whateverthefuck assemblage of semi-sentient shit-nuggets you appear to be. Speaking of, you really need to consider taking that act on the road.

  233. 252

    ok shit head, its on now. I dip my cock in your mom’s mouth, u dumb fagg. You are the biggest idiotic, gay mother banger i ever met. go hell and take your metric shit with u. Gay man!

  234. 253

    hum I lost 15 minutes of my life reading people’s answer to the same person trolling this whole tread. No admin to take care of the mess?

  235. 254

    hum I lost 15 minutes of my life reading people’s answers to the same person trolling this whole tread. No admin to take care of the mess? No one noticed how this guy trolling ya’ll succeeded in shift the whole topic of the thread towards a non-sense conversation? Please don’t feed the troll.

  236. 255

    hum I lost 15 minutes of my life reading people’s answers to the same person trolling this whole tread. No admin to take care of the mess? No one noticed how this guy trolling ya’ll succeeded in shifting the whole topic of the thread towards a non-sense conversation? Please don’t feed the troll !

  237. 256

    Now I feel bad for picking on somebody with an obvious learning disability. I’m sorry for that. Hopefully they’re serving tacos at your group home tonight – that’ll cheer you right up.

  238. 257

    Right. Learning disability, yet has a masters degree and earns $500 G.’s Annually, as an area manager. Right. Actually, your name is absolutely appropriate, because thats exactly what you are. Stupid white racist.

  239. 258
  240. 259

    THE only mentally retarded person is your mom for having you. Again, your name is appropriate because u are a c___.

  241. 260
  242. 261

    I work as a scientist and really wish the US would change to the metric system. However, we can’t even get people to agree on simple things like whether or not children should get free food at school. There’s no hope for this country

  243. 262
  244. 263

    In spanish the actual word is… the best translation for it is “United Staters”

  245. 264
  246. 265

    “NOPE, i will not say why is not messy and complicated, instead i will say that people use it”

    Nice work dude, you nailed it.

  247. 266

    Im glad were keeping the imperial system alive. It will never completely go away! Thankfully! USA!

  248. 267
  249. 268
  250. 269
  251. 270

    Imperial system is archaic and ridiculous. Before living in UK I had no idea there are ppl still using it..

  252. 271

    It isnt stupid. In fact (to some extent) every country uses it. In South America countries, though officially metric, most people refer to pounds inches, etc., especially older folks. In India, where I have lived, it is very similar. IN ALL COUNTRIES, computer screens, and car tires are measured in inches. Boxers in all countries Fight in weight classes set by pounds. Roger Fedderer, from Switzerland, refers to his tennis speed, usually in MPH. All pilots all over The World measure altitude in feet. This wonderful system will always be with us. Some countries just use it more than others. Street signs in England use feet, yards, miles, etc.. Good for them!

  253. 272
  254. 273
  255. 274
  256. 275
  257. 276
  258. 277
  259. 278
  260. 279

    Wow, Camilo! You just like to disagree with stuff and change the topic of conversation, don’t you. It kinda makes you look a bit silly, to be honest. Everyone knows what you are saying, but it is entirely irrelevant.

  261. 280

    Well yeah the imperial system is way better personally I live in Switzerland but I speak in miles, mph and Fahrenheit becuase I can’t stand the metric system.

  262. 281

    I know both systems. The metric system SUCKS! One decimal error and you’re screwed tenfold in one direction or the other. The imperial system makes sense. You don’t cut a pie or a pizza into ten slices. You half it, then half it again….quarters and halves. Makes sense. You play football on a 100 yard field which is 300 feet. Easy. Distances in feet, yards, or miles. Easy. Only a dolt needs to do everything based on 10, which is an irrational choice simply based on the number of fingers on the hands. Plus, the metric system was designed in France. Instant doom!

  263. 282

    This does not tell the full story. The metric system was literally invented by a group of French “scientists” with nothing better to do. Their attitude was totally “out with the old and in with the new” regardless of consequences. The appearance is that they put a lot of thought to what they were doing, but as a mathematician, I can assure you that they did not. Metric would indeed be a fantastic system if the only task that we ever had to do in measurement was to convert from one scale to another: centimeters to decimeters, for example. Nobody would deny that metric is great for that, but there is a lot more down side to metric than most people realize.
    A system based upon ten is not always better. Think back to you basic arithmetic: how many integer factors does ten have? 1*10, and 2*5. That’s it. Divide by three and you have a repeating fraction for one third. Even dividing by four introduces a fractional value. What about 12? We have 1*12, 2*6 3*4, so so dividing by 3 and 4 (two very natural and commonly used operations) do not result in a fractional value. It does sound a bit trivial at first, but when you are compounding calculations in your head, it makes a big difference. Twelve and Sixty and common themes in the old system precisely because the greater number of factors were highly convenient. We could divide an hour by 100 or 10, but we do not do so because would people would find this inconvenient because of the reduced number of whole number factors. We could divide our days into 10 hours or 100 hours (of course, the length of an hour would have to change), but consider just how awkward this would be. There is method to the seeming madness of NOT making everything a multiple of ten.
    This same pattern takes form in most of the ratios and numerical relationships in the older systems. The old system arose out of natural need and practical use, not scientific speculation. Perhaps this is why it might seem chaotic at first glance, but there is usually some specialize need that gave rise to the divisions in our system.
    Having taught a universities in two different metric-use countries for extended periods, I can assure you that the metric system has some glaring failures. Despite the claims to the contrary, metric seems to many people unnatural, even for people who have never used another system. In both scientific labs and supermarkets, people invent non-metric measures for every-day tasks, because any actual metric measure seems ill-fitting. I found that in China and in two European countries, they have come up with new measures that are strikingly close to a traditional pound because metric seems awkward for weighing food and other common things. I used to know a term for this phenomenon, but it is all related to the same notion that we would generally not like to measure human height in miles. Nor would be choose to do so in mm. It just would not seem practical, because human height falls within certain parameters making those measures impractical. Studies have shown that this is pretty much true of metric. It is a system that in some odd way does not seem to fit our human sensibilities. No, a foot is not the size of everyone’s foot, but it has been shown that when Americans are asked to measure out a foot or a pound without the aid of ruler or scale to help we can come extremely close. We do much better than our metric counterparts who are asked to guess at metric lengths and weights. I guess there are some advantages to using a system that arose naturally out of practical need.
    Aside from the impractical and awkward aspects of the metric system. The countries that moved to that system spent a ton of money doing so. In the United States, the estimated cost of converting to metric is astronomical, and with little practical benefit to justify the change, what would be the point? The value for being able to quickly convert centimeters to decimeters seems a lot less practical in a world that is littered with computers that make such calculations in the microseconds. By the way, I am very proud to report that one of the big reasons that the USA was spared from metric lunacy…A report by to American mathematicians. Mathematics: the most scientific of the sciences.

  264. 283

    Jack, you're a dumb, hateful piece of crap. Losers like you are the reason why someone like Donald Trump can run for president. You say you're against gay marriage because it's disgusting, yet you're married and claim you have girlfriends simultaneously; which IS disgusting. By the way, the customary system will be dead in 200 years anyway, have a nice day.

  265. 284
  266. 285
  267. 286
  268. 287
  269. 288
  270. 289
  271. 290

    Metric forever, boxing is stupid, and the US doesn't belong to any one person, especially you.

  272. 291

    I thought you were American; no true American would say "Cheers, mate!" Communist piece of crap.

  273. 292
  274. 293

    I am a chef owner of a restaurant and rely on written recipes in my line of work. I have used the metric system in Europe and the imperial system in the US. I hate the imperial system of measurement with a passion. On a daily basis we have to reduce or multiply recipes constantly and there are always mistakes being made as it is very confusing to use a scale system that is not based on logic but instead rely on an archaic jumble of inaccuracies, which results in wasted product, extra labor costs, frustration and inconsistencies in final product. To prove my point, walk down the street and ask random educated people the following questions and see the results: how many teaspoons are there in 1 cup? how many tablespoons are there in 1 pint? how many liquid ounces are there in 3 quarts? even for somebody who knows her measurements, it will take her time to figure out the answers and hope for mistake-free results.

  275. 294
  276. 295
  277. 296

    I am an American black man. I was being friendly, in using his customary greeting, much as I would write “adios” to my Hispanic friends, or Bonjour to my French friends. Try again, white boy.

  278. 297
  279. 298
  280. 299

    move along, little boy. Im done with u. This is an old article, and this post is old news. Find a hobby, unless youre very bored.

  281. 300

    move along, little boy. Im done with u. This is an old article, and this post is old news. Find a hobby, unless youre very bored.

  282. 301

    IDIOT! I hope Donnie Trump Wins. And the customary system will always be around in some way. move on little boy

  283. 302

    thanks man. Roger Federer is Swiss and he commonly refers to his serves in MPH. You got a lot of great tennis players in that country! Belinda Bencic, Hingis, Roger, Stan….

  284. 303
  285. 304
  286. 305
  287. 306
  288. 307
  289. 308

    Nope. Im originally from Jamaica. Faggotry isn't treated very well down there, LOL. Only white idiots like you promote faggotry

  290. 309

    you mean "you are "an" idiot", not you are idiot. Use proper prepositions and grammar, butthole

  291. 310

    Officially, you should be castrated before another imbecile like you will be born from your semen.

  292. 311

    It’s true that the only correct term that can possibly refer to citizens of the United States is “American”, but you have to admit, it’s a stupid denomym. It causes confusion. If I say Native Americans am I talking about all people from the Americas, or the ones that reside in the present day United States? And naming the country United States of AMERICA was dumb. Imagine that China decided to call itself “People’s Republic of Asia” because no other Asian country has “Asia” in their name. Then people would say only citizens of that country are called Asian and everybody else isn’t. It’s stupid. For this reason, the people who founded our nation should have been more creative and not used the name of the continents/landmass or whatever who call he region taken up by the Americas. The founders of Russia definitely did not call their nation the European Federation.

  293. 312
  294. 313
  295. 314

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. “Only geniuses can convert”, nope. If you have internet, google it, or just find the conversion formula and convert it in a matter of seconds

  296. 315
  297. 316
  298. 317
  299. 318

    Judging by @gabialex:disqus photo here it could be quite possible that @disqus_cVDT2mH1RG:disqus is really Gabi’s dad. Well, on second thoughts maybe photo of monkey would be more appropriate…

  300. 319
  301. 320

    Not true. I have lived in India. The older folks still measure (for cooking) in lbs, and take Temp. in Fahrenheit (especially Body Temperature).

  302. 321

    Oh, look what I found after I shoveled my house’s foundament out: A sign saying 120 MPH, something from ancient times where we still used this shitty system. Haha.

    And yes, no country is FULLY metric but at least to 99.99999%.

  303. 322
  304. 323

    We should change to a new system based on natural constants like the light speed with a metric-like system (kelvin is a good start)

  305. 324
  306. 325

    My childhood was one of travelling and living in many nations for years at a time. I honestly don’t care, when I’m outside the US my brain switches to the metric system and when I’m in the US my brain switches to the imperial system. I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s how my brain works I guess. It just makes sense.

  307. 326

    120 MPH? Most cars dont even go that fast idiot. Most states dont go over 75 MPH, u ignorant moron. LOL, and Im glad we measure this way. move on. Yoshi sushi fujimacki hitachi suzuki honda nagasaki

  308. 327

    We use a mixture of measurements. LOL, and Im glad we measure this way. move on. Yoshi sushi fujimacki hitachi suzuki honda nagasaki

  309. 328
  310. 329

    Most state are way past 60. Some even have 85! Mine has 75, but most cops give an allowance of 10 over, effectively letting me drive around 84-85 MPH with no problems.

  311. 330

    Why can’t there be a thoughtful permanent resolution in this regard for ever changing world. Why can’t we have territory or state dedicated to ppl of different orientation? Let gays have their own state, so that there will be no future confrontations & we don’t have to deal with them forever. We are safe from them & they are safe from us. The cultural & trade interactions can still continue…as part of the country.

  312. 331

    And you are a nigga, i.e. like a chimpanzee, which is even worse than a gay. You feel frustrated because you are a nigga.

  313. 332
  314. 333
  315. 334
  316. 335

    Regardless of the use of metric or imperial, could we at least get rid of “letter” sized paper and move to using the ISO standard A4?

  317. 336
  318. 337
  319. 338
  320. 339

    In the United States, we refer to ourselves as Americans. It is the word used to identify our national citizenship. There is no English-language equivalent for “estadounidense”. Since it is our country and our language, we are the ones who get to decide what to call ourselves.

    Therefore, we are Americans. You are not.

  321. 340

    You clearly seem uneasy using the English language and AMERICAN history and culture. It is not colloquially viable to call all people and things of this nation “US citizens”. In fact, it makes no logical sense. I surely can’t say that Philadelphia, New York and Chicago are all “US citizen cities”. They are American cities. The term Yankees, as it is properly spelled, is absolutely anathema to a person of the Southern States, and they would never refer to themselves as such. To the people of the Western States, it simply makes no sense. “Yankees” are historically ONLY the people from the Union States during the time of the Civil War, and since then, the advent of AMERICAN baseball has contracted the scope of that term to mean only New Yorkers, and furthermore, only New Yorkers from areas in and around the city of New York, not the entire State of New York. A resident of Boston, would never, NEVER call himself a “Yankee”.

    So it is Latin American idiocy and ignorance to call a nation of 300 million people a term that only refers to a miniscule portion of the nation. We are all AMERICANS in this country, and no other term is suitable.

  322. 341

    “Native Americans” is a stupid term that was invented by white people, not the indigenous people themselves. They prefer to be known by their tribal name, such as Cheyenne, Cherokee, Crow, etc. Collectively, they prefer the term “Indian”.

    If you were born in this country and have citizenship here, that makes you a native American, regardless of your ethnic ancestry.

  323. 342

    “Dustbin of history”? Now you’re stealing from Trotsky?

    If the Imperial system was doomed to die, it would have by now.

  324. 343

    Next time look at how old the thread is. I don’t care enough to write an answer to something this old.


  325. 344

    The imperial system is ridiculous, the scaling is idiotic. 1 yard = 3 feet. 1 foot = 12 inches. In electronics the pitch used id MILS,
    1/1000 inch is a mil. Weight is in pounds, ounce, I do not see any rational scaling.
    US is not yet independent.

  326. 345
  327. 346
  328. 347

    only three countries in the world. and the other two most people did not even know existed. How many Americans travel outside USA and not on business? most do not have a clue that when it is Winter in the North Hemisphere it is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and you honestly expect them to understand the extremely simple metric system? to use decimals instead of fractions? to say 18.70 cm instead of 7″ and 6/16?

  329. 348
  330. 349

    Sorry for the late reply.. But it seems Jack hasn’t seen the most of the world outside former British empire. In Europe (not UK) hardly anyone uses imperial units at all. The only case I ever see people using them is measuring the screen of a television set because they are marketed in inches. Electronics is a mixed issue since veroboards for example usually have a matrix of 1/10 inches.

  331. 350

    I still don’t get why people use the imperial system. It confuses me.
    However, I am from the UK, where the system is messed up no end, since both are clashed together, but still, why is the freezing temperature 180 F? 0C is so much easier to remember!
    This is probably why Americans think the UK is so cold, since we say 15C (59F) , and they see -9.4C (15F)

  332. 351

    I am an American, so obviously Im most familiar with this country. In Europe, people don’t shower Daily, and women dont shave their legs. Just because someone does something there, doesn’t mean I want to do it here. Have you flown on a plane? All pilots measure speed and altitude with imperial units in any country. Car tires are usually measured in inches. I have lived in India, and though officially metric, many older folks measure Temperature (especially Body Temp) in Fahrenheit, and cooking units in ozs, lbs.. Former British empire, yes, but so what? Those are the most important countries anyway. Happy New Year.

  333. 352
  334. 353
  335. 355

    G’day Fella’s, My Father served in the Royal Navy and I was born overseas in Hong Kong,which at the time was in the Commonwealth, so I call myself British. I personally prefer the Imperial System,and use Nautical Terms such as Fathoms (and not Metres) (Nautical Miles as you can’t have Nautical K’s at Sea.) Because in Navy terms the World is not round it’s oblong.(Long Attitude & Latitude) We’ve used it for over a Hundred Years, why fix something when it’s not broken? Regards.

  336. 356

    Come on Fella let’s leave the past behind & move forward,as we’ve all done (STUPID) thing’s in our lives! And SR-71 Flew in MPH & not KPH!

  337. 357
  338. 358

    Jack I’m on a Contract in Ireland at present,but I go between the North & South,here we use Metric but as you cross the invisible Border Line to NI it changes to MPH,where the £ is used (Thank God) the € that no one wanted,but it was forced on them by a certain MP? When they were quite happy with their Punt, although a little heavy,it felt like you had a few (big time) in your Pocket,damn another Hole,get out the “Needle & Thread” ouch!

  339. 359

    First of all it’s a Probability or a Possibility that the Imperial System may well still be here,I or you or any of the other’s will not be around to find out will we?

  340. 360

    Now the Children have been let out of Kindergarten there was a perfectly good bit of “Banter floating back & For” but now the Bad Language Brigade have arrived,never takes long?

  341. 361

    Dave you are right to a point,although I know of a “Geezer” at the “Borough Market” underneath London Bridge Station,that nearly got himself arrested because he was selling in Lbs & ozs and still does (although he also sells in the Metric System to, it’s called Adaptability and it’s called Survival to.Dave

  342. 362

    Strange thing to say,we are still using Scuba gear to go underwater,yet we were born “Born breathing Liquid”, and considering The Commonwealth was run well enough,that built the greatest NAVY in the World,Imagine HMS Victory (Lord Horatio Nelson’s Flag Ship) a Hundred Gunner imagine getting a Broadside from that! And the Royal Navy how small they were in Comparison to the Ships such as the Bismark,Tirpitz and Scharnhorst, all sunk by lesser Ships or Aircraft of the Royal Navy,all built to Imperial Measurements (not so Archaic then was it?) Learn the true facts and not the “Porky Pie’s”.

  343. 363

    Yes, metric is far superior to customary systems (Blimey Mate where’s your Soapbox? Who says it’s superior (the French)? The only good thing to come out of France is the Foreign Legion and I doubt if many of them are?

  344. 364
  345. 365

    Sorry man, I probably agree with u, and I apologize, but your sentence above was difficult to comprehend.

  346. 366

    Well in the early years of the country, people were thinking about calling this country Columbia which they did not do as they kept on lagging on doing. All of a sudden Colombia wins independence and so the US decided cannot call the country Columbia but the Washington still remained in the District of Columbia. But I have to say it is stupid that we call ourselves Americans and people say we live in “America” Sorry but I say US or United States.

  347. 367

    And no one cares how you feel and yes there is an equivalent for “estadounidense” which would be like United Staters or literally State Unitedians. By the way is Camilo say he is American he is whether he was naturalized or born here in the US.

  348. 368

    I would say US American. As many countries in this side of world are in North and South America.

  349. 369

    “Amerika Sāmoa”/”American Samoa” in the Pacific.
    “Amerruk” is close, but in Africa.

  350. 370

    As a small (40 employee) US based company, Imperial or US units as has become the common term, costs us about $50,000 to $150,000 per year which is often more money than the company makes. We must run all our software in both units which is the source of 75% of all our bugs. Whenever a conversion takes place and the units get converted back again, the result is never the same. For example 100 feet becomes 99.99 feet when converted back to US Units.

    Another is the comma separator. One thousand decimal 233 is 1,000.233 in the US but 1.000,233 in Europe. Note how the comma and period were reversed. This plays havoc with data bases where the data source could use either method. In the case of 1,000 and 1.000 the meaning differs by a factor of 1000.

    We need to fix both of these.

  351. 372

    “Nautical miles” have literally NOTHING TO DO with imperial miles, you bigoted, closeted gay. (Please stop what you are doing and google the definition of nautical mile right now, before you embarrass yourself further).

    It’s incredible to read what a complete and total moron you are: insisting that because you’ve “lived in other countries”, you KNOW better than the actual citizens there…

    I can guarantee that I’ve lived more places than you, speak more languages than your sorry ass, and can–with not a single shred of hesitation–assert that the US/imperial system of measurement is NOT used in the overwhelming majority of the industrialized world, as you would ridiculously suggest.

    Please stop writing shit about which you don’t have the faintest clue (India is conceivably one of the worst examples of usage of measurement standards on the planet…if you don’t know why, you’re only further underscoring how I’ll-equipped you are to even engage in a casual metric vs. US/imperial debate.)

    PS: before you respond with some homophobic slur, please deeply consider WHY you consistently resort to talk of homosexuality….each time you do it, you are only highlighting–to EVERYONE reading your posts–just how gay you actually are, beneath the self-loathing, grammar-challenged, sad excuse for taking up others’ oxygen that you are.

    Cheers! …b******tch.

  352. 373
  353. 374
  354. 375

    …I’m American, too. I’m scratching my head wondering how the Korean War has ANYTHING to do with what you wrote about Europe or Europeans?

  355. 376

    ….so what you’re saying is: you have the cheap, old, analog temperature controls available on the C-Class, correct? Because any Mercedes/BMW/Audi built in the last 7 years—or more—has a digital display for interior temp control that can be switched between F°/C° depending on preference.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot: you must have the low-end cheap version. You poor thing…

  356. 377

    So, wait—totally confused now, Jack-closeted-gay. Are you claiming that it makes sense to NOT use the metric system because a country that is 25% illiterate doesn’t use it? Please explain …

  357. 378

    Yes, of course! No double-standard at all: sh*t your pants and flag HIM for calling you a n*gga; but continue calling everyone who disagrees with you a f*ggot.

    This is such “typical conservative behavior” (as you would say)….conservatives are such “p*ssies”. They can dish it out, they can talk about guns all day…but when push comes to shove, they can’t take even the smallest criticism, and immediately “call for help” (flag for an admin), despite breathlessly writing about self-reliance. So predictable. Dude, come on: if you’re gonna call everyone “f*ggot”, the MINIMUM you should expect in return would be “n*gga”…WTF are you thinking?!

    Man up, man. Or, in your case, should I just write: “Take it up the *ss like a man!”

    PS: no need to flag this, I already did it for you! Cheeeeeers, lil’ b*atch!

  358. 379

    Yawn. What a complete moron you are. Responding to something from 10 Months Ago. Kind of late to the party, eh? Idiot, nautical miles are an imperial measurement. And thanks for your long response. I read none of it. In most of Latin America, imperial measurements are casually (though not officially) used. Go to Panama, and order 1 kg of meat and you will get blank stares. I Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about, you angry idiot. In Peru, gasoline is sold by gallons. Tennis players of all countries discuss their serves in MPH. Boxing weight classes are defined by pounds. You are an ignorant troll, and I will simply ignore you. jerkoff

  359. 380

    Yawn. What a complete moron you are. Responding to something from 10 Months Ago. Kind of late to the party, eh? Idiot, nautical miles are an imperial measurement. And thanks for your long response. I read none of it. In most of Latin America, imperial measurements are casually (though not officially) used. Go to Panama, and order 1 kg of meat and you will get blank stares. I Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about, you angry idiot. In Peru, gasoline is sold by gallons. Tennis players of all countries discuss their serves in MPH. Boxing weight classes are defined by pounds. You are an ignorant troll, and I will simply ignore you. jerkoff.

  360. 381

    Yawn. What a complete moron you are. Responding to something from 10 Months Ago. Kind of late to the party, eh? Idiot, nautical miles are an imperial measurement. And thanks for your long response. I read none of it. In most of Latin America, imperial measurements are casually (though not officially) used. Go to Panama, and order 1 kg of meat and you will get blank stares. I Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about, you angry idiot. In Peru, gasoline is sold by gallons. Tennis players of all countries discuss their serves in MPH. Boxing weight classes are defined by pounds. You are an ignorant troll, and I will simply ignore you. jerkoff

  361. 382

    Of course it can be switched, moron, but the default setting is Fahrenheit on US models, u moron. In fact, I owned a 1982 Mercedes. They only had C markings. Since Chrysler got involved, they adapted to the US market to include Fahrenheit controls as well. Cheap version? I own several vehicles from antique to newer so mind your business you stupid white boy.

  362. 383

    No, asshole, that isn’t the reason. Simply stating that many countries DO NOT use the metric system as Universally as people think. Yawn. What a complete moron you are. Responding to something from 10 Months Ago. Kind of late to the party, eh? Idiot, nautical miles are an imperial measurement. And thanks for your long response. I read none of it. In most of Latin America, imperial measurements are casually (though not officially) used. Go to Panama, and order 1 kg of meat and you will get blank stares. I Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about, you angry idiot. In Peru, gasoline is sold by gallons. Tennis players of all countries discuss their serves in MPH. Boxing weight classes are defined by pounds. You are an ignorant troll, and I will simply ignore you. jerkoff

  363. 384

    flagged, white boy. Using the n-word is an automatic ban, u moron libtard cracker. Yawn. What a complete moron you are. Responding to something from 10 Months Ago. Kind of late to the party, eh? Idiot, nautical miles are an imperial measurement. And thanks for your long response. I read none of it. In most of Latin America, imperial measurements are casually (though not officially) used. Go to Panama, and order 1 kg of meat and you will get blank stares. I Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about, you angry idiot. In Peru, gasoline is sold by gallons. Tennis players of all countries discuss their serves in MPH. Boxing weight classes are defined by pounds. You are an ignorant troll, and I will simply ignore you. jerkoff

  364. 386

    first of all no need to get as low as insulting a person you have never said a sentence to in real life. but to defend Carter’s point “United Staters” and “State Unitedians” do not work. Neither “staters” or “unitedians” (i don’t even know how to pronounce that word) are real english words. Also, I think if I walked up to any person in the entire world and said “I’m a United Stater” and they understood me they would either have no idea what I meant or laugh at me. Say someone was German. What if someone told them since that is a language they cannot use that (hypothetically) and they can’t use germanic because that refers to people other than from their country. They wouldn’t say “ok I’m a Germaner now.”? Finally what other person refers to themselves as “american” when asked where they are from besides US citizens? Chinese don’t say “I’m an asian” Europens don’t say “I’m a European”, and actually if you wanted to be more accurate, they sure as h*** don’t say “I’m Eurasian” (you are doing the same thing. combining two continents under one name). I know many african-americans that actually are very offended if you refer to them as “africans”. They like to be refered to as the country they were born in. To go further, you tell us to use the entire name of our country? So people from Congo have to say Republic of Congonese. (idk what people from congo call themselves). see you later Mexician. (salvadorian :))

  365. 387
  366. 388

    Depends…while Yankee do refer to american abroad, isnt it also something the inhabitant in the southern US call northern US residence?

  367. 389

    This nonsense has gone on long enough. The whole world (except south and central America apparently) calls inhabitants of the USA Americans. It’s the only country with America in its title and anything else is an awkward mouthful to say, OK? Oh, by the way I’m a Brit. :)

  368. 390

    North Americans as opposed to South Americans. US citizens think they are the only ones. (I’m a US citizen who lives abroad and thinks of South Americans as Americans too).

  369. 391

    US cities. and North Americans. Yankees in Europe, it doesn’t matter if you come from North or South. “Yankee go home”.

  370. 392

    I am a US citizen from North America. South Americans are Americans too. They are not US citizens, since that seems so important to you.

  371. 393

    If it’s too old, then why did you respond?

    By the way, I happen to be from New York, so calling me “Yank” is entirely appropriate. Your attempt at an insult has failed.

  372. 394
  373. 395

    Thank you. Good point, too. I never had to tell a European or an African which country in my hemisphere I was from after identifying myself as an American. They seemed to understand me just fine.

  374. 396

    No, Joe. You just made that up. There is no such word in English as “United Stater” or “State Unitedians”, but if you want to go around calling yourself that, be my guest. Don’t forget your propeller hat and bow tie before you leave the house, though.

    As for your second sentence, it makes no grammatical sense and I can’t decipher it. Please speak in standard United Statesian.

  375. 397

    Jack – Please tell us all about the centuries of success that Jamaica has had in leading world culture, including the arts, science, literature and technology. We’d all love to hear it.

  376. 398
  377. 399

    WTH? Youre responding to something from 7 Months Ago? Late to the party much? I am an American citizen, so I dont Speak for Jamaica. They have contributed lots, however, including many gold medals. Why dont u move on? U DO realize Im flagging your comment and Disqus will ban u for insulting someone’s ethnicity. Idiot. Unlike u, I dont troll pages from almost 1 Year Ago looking for attention. Move along, I dont have Time for u.

  378. 400

    No. I am an AMERICAN of Jamaican origin, dingus. I have a masters degree in English. And I found your comment racist, and I have flagged it.

    WTH? Youre responding to something from 7 Months Ago? Late to the party much? I am an American citizen, so I dont Speak for Jamaica. They have contributed lots, however, including many gold medals. Why dont u move on? U DO realize Im flagging your comment and Disqus will ban u for insulting someone’s ethnicity. Idiot. Unlike u, I dont troll pages from almost 1 Year Ago looking for attention. Move along, I dont have Time for u.

  379. 401

    Like I care. Im proud of our imperial system and we will always use it. Im a traditionalist.

  380. 402

    First of all, I don’t recall singling anyone out and insulting their ethnicity. It’s an entirely different thing to say that a nation hasn’t lived up to expectations, and Jamaica is certainly in that category.

    You’re flagging me to Disqus? Wow. What’s the proper reaction to that? Should I worry? Well, whatever, but while you’re at it, be sure to tell them that YOU were the one who previously said the following:

    “I dont care what those French Canadian fairies do. Theyre all gay anyway.”
    “Gays are disgusting so Im against that in every way”.
    “Im originally from Jamaica. Faggotry isn’t treated very well down there, LOL.”
    “Only white idiots like you promote faggotry”

    I’m sure the Disqus overlords have a very special punishment reserved for a keyboard commando like you.

  381. 403

    Dude, dude, dude. Let me break this to u. I dont care. Youre responding to a thread from 1 Year Ago. This discussion is over. You’re waaaaaay late to the party. The ship has sailed. You’re like the guy who comes and yells “surprise”, when the party already ended 5 Hours Ago, and everyone has already gone home. Let it go. Move on. This is old news, bub.

  382. 404

    So the fact that the comments were made a year ago makes them negligible? There is a statute of limitations on your racist and anti-gay slurs? You were the one who responded to me. You were the one who thought threatening me with the laughable notion of being “reported” was the right course of action for lacking faith in the wherewithal of the Jamaican nation, and YOU are the one with a history of offensive speech.

    You’re trying to turn the conversation into an issue about the month and year that I responded, and the apparent social indignity of speaking up on an old topic. But apparently, there are still people discussing it.

    Jack, what is indisputable here (ask others if you doubt me), is that you are an uptight asshole. And a truly immature, barely literate, and supremely racist hypocritical asshole at that.

    And I sincerely do apologize to all the immature, illiterate, hypocritical, racist assholes out there for associating you with them. They deserve better.

    Now go home, Jack. The party is over.

  383. 405

    Dude, dude, dude. Let me break this to u. I dont care. Youre responding to a thread from 1 Year Ago. This discussion is over. You’re waaaaaay late to the party. The ship has sailed. You’re like the guy who comes and yells “surprise”, when the party already ended 5 Hours Ago, and everyone has already gone home. Let it go. Move on. This is old news, bub. This article is from 2011. Shut up and move on, stupid white boy.

  384. 406

    Your Canadian friends do it to accommodate you. Yes we still remember the Imperial system but among us, the vast majority of Canadians speaks Metric ! I’m 51, and my car gets 7 liter/100 km (that’s about 32 miles per US gallon for you)

  385. 407

    Dude, this comment is old news. Canadians use a mix. Most of them measure height in feet and inches. Tire sizes and TV’s are measured in inches. Cooking Temperatures, And Pool Temp.’s are imperial. Obviously, CFL uses yards. Runways are measured in feet, for Aviation. Meat is sold by the pound.
    Check wiki Metrification in Canada for more info.. There are tons more examples of Imperial still used in Canada. Oven Temperatures, Firearms, Etc.. I cant post links, but Check that Wikipedia page.

  386. 408

    Not sure what language “estadounidense” is unless the OP was just writing the word the way it sounds in his country, but in Mexican Spanish the two words are “Estados Unidos” (States United), pronounced Eh-stah-doz U-knee-doz. In Portuguese it is “Estados Unidos” as well (spoken in Brazil). In regards to “our language”, the word America comes from the Italian map maker Amerigo Vespucci, so America isn’t really “our language” (English) and English isn’t really “our” language either. Linguistically, English derives from the Germanic Language Tree. (Germanic group (480 million speakers) Western branch Anglo-Frisian). I do appreciate your patriotism and I think probably the most significant event that determined what language we speak in the US – happened almost 200 years before our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence – that of course being the defeat of the Spanish Armada by Queen Elizabeth the I. Had the British Empire lost that war, we’d almost certainly all be Catholic and speak spanish today. It is my simple opinion that one of the greatest blessings we have as US Citizens is to have contact with so many different cultures at once. The Statue of Liberty is on an island south of NYC where immigrants would “land” from the old world (before air travel) and apply for citizenship, visas, etc. The most recognizable scripture from Our Statue (given to us by the French) is ““Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” All kinds of people from all over the world have been doing their best to answer that invitation for almost 130 years. So if you happened to win the geographical lottery and were born in the US – be thoughtful to anyone from around the globe who wishes to show our nation their respect in the form of questions, curiosity, opinions or even a debate on our way of life. I have so much more to say on this topic but my 15 minutes is probably up. Peace Mr. Carter

  387. 409

    Just to establish a few things here…

    First, “Estadounidense” *IS* a word. It is not the unfortunate misspelling of the name of our country. It is a Spanish word that means “citizen of the United States”. But thanks for that oh-so-helpful pronunciation of “Estados Unidos”. I’m sure you just forgot how to Google.

    Second, Who ever claimed that “America was our language”? I said that English was our language. What are you talking about? Why are you dragging Amerigo Vespucci into this? Why not bring up Richard Ameryk while you’re at it? He was English, after all.

    Third, you don’t know much about English, either, do you? People love to claim that English is a “Germanic” language, because they feel it makes them sound smart, but they don’t know what that even means. We speak a “Germanic” language only insofar as it is structurally and phonologically comprised. As for vocabulary, we couldn’t be further off. 60% of the words in English come from Latin, and 30% have Greek roots. That leaves only 10% for all other influences, including German. Just a former language teacher here, trying to help you out. Anglo-Frisian branch, huh? Nice touch.

    Fourth, there is no “Mexican Spanish”. There are four distinct languages that emerged from Spain, and they are Euskara, (Basque), Galego (Galician), Catalan and Castellano. All of them are in common usage today. There are also a few dialects of these four, but few of those dialects are still spoken by large numbers. The Castellano language is what we call “Spanish” today, but in Spain, they don’t call it “Spanish”, they call it by its proper name. Mexico, like all Spanish-speaking countries, has added words and they have their own flavor to it, but it is still Castellano, not “Mexican”, and it is not a dialect.

    Fifth, English IS our language, and your bizarre trip down memory lane is a bit odd. Any language can be claimed by anyone who speaks it natively. It is our primary means of communication. It is the primary language of government (although not official) and the common language shared by over 93% of Americans.

    Sixth, NO IMMIGRANT EVER LANDED ON LIBERTY ISLAND. As a New Yorker myself who is the grandson of European immigrants who arrived in New York harbor, I can assure you, they cruised directly between Liberty Island and Governor’s Island and landed at ELLIS ISLAND. Now that was just stupid of you. You really made a fuss over that one, and you look like a fool now. Have you lived all these years thinking 12 million immigrants landed on an island

    Seventh, “Give me your tired…” is not “scripture”, it is an “inscription”. Again, just trying to help you with the language, since you brought it up.

    Eighth, 47 million people DO speak Spanish in this country, and 70 million are Catholic. That makes America the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and the 4th largest Catholic country in the world. Again, I fit into both those groups. So much for your Armada theory.

    Ninth, I have no idea what gave you the impression that I was hostile to immigrants. I’m not. As I mentioned, I’m a former teacher and the product of immigration myself. I welcome any question people have, and even opinions, but as I made clear in my original point, it is entirely proper for the vast majority of “estadounidenses” who only speak English to refer to themselves as Americans. We do not have to qualify that word any further. Anyone who states that we have no claim to that word is factually wrong.

  388. 410
  389. 411

    US Citizens… i thought everyone did that.
    It's like "Europeans". Germans are Europeans, but so are French, Intalians, Spanish. If i mean ONLY Germans, i say Germans, and if i ONLY mean US Citizens, i say US Citizens.

  390. 412

    I agree 100% with you! I'm a Brazilian, my country is located in South America, so I'm also American! (gilbertoSaugenFromBRAZIL)

  391. 413
  392. 414

    Reading all your comments, I realized that you are trying to prove something, and this would be that Americans are bigots and narrow minded?!… Actually, I don't think you are American at all, you can't be. I never ever in my life met an American so idiotic like you're trying to be here. Yep, you tricked us.

  393. 415

    I always used metric system and I don't feel ''alienated'' at all from the real world. What a ridiculous idea, omg. My height is 1,75 m and I weight 55 kg, this it's perfectly logic, I have no idea how many ''feet'' I measure or how many ''stones'' I weight, this units don't make any sense to me. Before living in UK I had no idea that there are people still using this units.

  394. 416

    Um, late to the party much? Responding to comments from 1 Year ago?
    LOL, I dont care what u think. I'm and American citizen (of Jamaican
    origin). So why dont u work on my 10 inches of blackness, u idiotic
    white girl?

  395. 417

    Donnie? LOL. He's a libtard not a real conservative and I have no use for him. Im writing in Dr. Ben Carson. Um, late to the party much? Responding to comments from 1 Year ago?
    LOL, I dont care what u think. I'm and American citizen (of Jamaican
    origin). So why dont u work on my 10 inches of blackness, u idiotic
    white girl?

  396. 418

    You little parrot, stop giving the same reply to everybody, some of us work, don't spend all day trolling on the internet. Btw, you can stick your 10 inches to your mom's ass, I bet she will like it.

  397. 419

    Responding to something from 1 Year Ago? Its over, old news, move along. I flagged your comment, white girl. U can suck on all of my 10 black inches, then I'll ramrod u from behind. Happy? Now run along and play in busy traffic, and stop replying to comments from Years Ago. Get a life, and some d^ck. Sounds like u could use some.

  398. 420
  399. 421

    To be fair, the people that really matter in the US, use the metric system. I'm a pharmacist and I know the conversions, but I ALWAYS use the metric system. I think the same can be said of engineers and most other professionals. All of my dosing is mg/kg (which is a simple 2.2 conversion from imperial), all of my doses are in mg or ml and I sure as shit never use "grains" anymore. I also know my 2.54 cm/in conversion and use it regularly.

  400. 422

    you are united-statian. bc america is a continent not a country. Americans are from Alaska o Argentina.

  401. 424

    Like you commenting on my friends' Facebook comments from months ago, Hypocrite? You're the worst kind of troll: uneducated and easily led.

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