What plants can teach us about solving traffic jams

Plants too experience internal nutrient traffic jams, and they’re fantastic at responding to them.

Popular voice assistants like Siri or Alexa easily hacked with ultrasonic commands

A rather glaring design flaw was recently discovered.

New water-based lithium-ion battery will never explode in your face

Someone send Samsung the memo.

Voyager-1 spacecraft: 40 years of history and interstellar flight

Despite traveling more than ten billion miles in four decades, Voyager-1 is still at it.

Revolutionary new quantum computer design might be the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for

“It’s amazing no-one had thought of it before,” said one of the scientists involved.

Scientists catch human evolution in the making

Gene variants linked to Alzheimer’s or heavy smoking are being gradually weeded out by natural selection.

Game of Thrones inbreeding: odds are stacked against Jon and Dany having a healthy baby

Let’s just say that famous Habsburg jaw isn’t ruled out.

More than a million years from now, our solar system will briefly house two stars

It will shine three times brighter than Mars in the night’s sky. It might also cause an unpleasant stir in the Oort cloud…

CRISPR used for first time to change flower color in Japanese ornamental plant

A popular Japanese flower was used to demonstrate the power of CRISPR.

Neanderthals were distilling tar 200,000 years ago well before humans

Neanderthals were far more complex than meets the eye.

Why am I always cold? Science to the rescue

Feeling cold all the time isn’t necessarily a bad thing but there are things you can do to raise temperature.

SpaceX completes critical test ahead of the first launch for world’s most powerful operational rocket

This year is shaping up as SpaceX’s best one yet.

Pig organ transplants into humans might be two years away in China

Scientists are now desperately seeking government approval for the 2019 clinical trial.

Why leaves come in so many different sizes, explained by new study

A new study overturns a classic textbook theory.

Ancient elephant species was twice as heavy as today’s modern cousins

A huge elephant used to roam the Middle East up to 300,000 years ago.

Over 20 hectares of Roman ruins discovered submerged off Tunisian coast

An unexpected archaeological finding confirms devastation at the hand of an ancient tsunami.

Intelligent alien life hunters pick up 15 high-energy bursts far across the universe

The mysterious high-energy signals are unaccounted for. Alien technology is not excluded.

Great apes abilities misunderstood in decades of research by human hubris

Sure, we think chimps are clever — but never as clever as us.

Ancient whales had sharp predator teeth unlike today’s gentle giants

How baleen whale’s filter combs appeared is still an intriguing mystery.

Surprising harmonic structure might be the secret to writing a pop hit, new study finds

People love surprises and music is no exception.