Better containers could significantly curb food waste, enable better food aid

Food aid shipments and many retailers have been using the same packaging for decades.

Paleontologists find ‘incredibly rare’ 52 million year-old fossilized berry

Geoscientists working in South America have uncovered an ancient berry.

CO2 trapped in soil is leaking, exacerbating global warming

If the paper is right, then 17 percent more emissions will be released into the atmosphere by 2050.

Thinking with your hands can help you find new ways to solve problems

An innovative study challenges the idea that all thinking is done in the head.

US and Canada ban offshore drilling in the Arctic

Obama hopes the move will be hard to undo for his successor.

Optimistic women live more, new study finds

An encouraging study conducted by Harvard researchers found that having an optimistic outlook on life may help people to live longer.

Teen alcohol and hard drug consumption reaches new lows – but not marijuana

Teenagers’ use of hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco in the US has gone down significantly in recent years.

What’s the link between different types of oral contraceptives and sexual behaviour

Contraceptives that mimic the natural cycle help women have more sex with their partners — but only if they’re in committed relationships.

UK scientists inch closer to three-parent babies

We’re living in the future.

Poor sleep costs U.S. economy $411 billion

How to make money in your sleep — just do it.