Instagram food photos can help you eat healthier

Finally, a reason to post food photos!

Female scientists often overlooked compared to male counterparts

Unfortunately, the world of science has plenty of room to improve when it comes to treating men and women equally.

Some two billion people depend on imported food

Whenever population pressure increases, more food is imported.

Add another perk to eating fruits and veggies: they lower blood pressure

Does this not look delicious to you?

Rome metro workers accidentally find 2,300 year-old aqueduct

They found so many things they’re going to open a museum right in the new metro station.

One in ten pregnant women infected with Zika in the US had babies with birth defects

The report confirms getting infected in the first trimester comes with the most risks.

Intact, 3,800 year-old tomb uncovered in Egypt

It’s the 14th family member archaeologists have found in the area.

New protein can increase yields, save farmers millions every year

A tiny protein which can make a big difference!

Consuming legumes is associated with a lower risk of diabetes

Yet another study underscores how important legumes are to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

New ginger species discovered in African mountains

Who knows what other plants or medicines await discovery in Africa?