Micro-vehicles move through a mouse stomach, healing its ulcers

The future is here.

Feeling bad about feeling bad makes you feel even worse

Turn that frown upside down? No, just accept that sometimes it’s OK to feel bad.

A $550 handheld spectral analyzer could usher in new medical revolution

Hi-tech is getting smaller and cheaper.

Overweight Asian Americans seen as “more American” than their thinner counterparts

Does that guy look American to you? Nah he’s too thin.

Cheers! Regular drinkers might live longer lives without dementia

You shouldn’t pick up drinking just yet — on the contrary.

Eating vegetables can fight cognitive aging, new study reports

Nom down on those greens!

Child in South Africa becomes HIV free

This could be a game changer.

Social media is making mass surveillance easier than ever — and we’re just embracing it

Sharing your location with third party apps? Well then… I’ve got some news.

How hot is a sauna, and other steamy facts

There’s a big difference between wet saunas and dry saunas.

Don’t like to wake up to your alarm clock? Try this gentle birdsong app from Carnegie Museum

Sweeten those nasty mornings with a charming wake-up call.

Lioness mother spotted breastfeeding baby leopard — an absolute first

Unfortunately, despite this touching moment, the odds aren’t stacked in favor of the tiny leopard.

People aren’t sticking to their prescription, and that’s a big problem

Every year thousands of people mistakenly take or receive the wrong medication and millions more don’t take their medication as prescribed.

“Clean coal is a lie,” coal CEO admits

It’s not news that clean coal doesn’t exist — the news is that execs are admitting it.

Behemoth iceberg, one of the largest on record, breaks loose from Antarctica

It’s one of the largest calvings on record.

Our sense of smell might be connected to our extra pounds — in more ways than one

Not smelling food makes your body burn more calories, researchers suggest.

Six simple ways to reduce food waste and make a sustainable difference

Here are some clever tips to help you stop wasting food.

Study documents accelerated climate change in Spanish mountains

Yet another piece of definitive evidence in the case of climate change.

Over 100 years ago, this telephone tower in Stockholm connected 5,000 telephone lines

Rare historical photos of a mind-bending telephone line hub.

Coconut oil might be as bad as butter or lard, new guidelines suggest

It’s all about having a balanced diet.

All-new, natural microbeads could be the future of cosmetics

Science may come up with a brilliant solution — but in the meantime, it’s important to avoid microbeads.