Gravity map reveals Martian crust might be lighter than we thought

Mars may be more porous than we thought.

Please don’t shoot Hurricane Irma, officials warn

Don’t challenge the hurricanes.

Swiss scientists say they’ve invented a new type of chocolate — the first one after 80 years

I’ll take my chances with it!

Macaques may have just entered the Stone Age

Crack open a nutty one.

About DACA: Study shows 83% of America’s top high school science students have immigrant parents

The abnormal seems to have become normal in the White House.

Shared custody is usually less stressful for children, study shows

Shared custody seems to be less taxing than growing up with a single parent.

Facebook bans “fake news” from advertising

Perhaps we just give social media too much credit.

Pagan ritual hall from 3,200 years ago found in Israel

Canaanites were flourishingly pagan before Joshua came in.

Being married might just save your life — if you suffer from heart diseases

Having a shoulder to lean on can get you through a lot of hard times — medically.

High salt intake doubles the risk of heart failure

A new study studied the connection between salt consumption and heart failure risk.

Micro-vehicles move through a mouse stomach, healing its ulcers

The future is here.

Feeling bad about feeling bad makes you feel even worse

Turn that frown upside down? No, just accept that sometimes it’s OK to feel bad.

A $550 handheld spectral analyzer could usher in new medical revolution

Hi-tech is getting smaller and cheaper.

Overweight Asian Americans seen as “more American” than their thinner counterparts

Does that guy look American to you? Nah he’s too thin.

Cheers! Regular drinkers might live longer lives without dementia

You shouldn’t pick up drinking just yet — on the contrary.

Eating vegetables can fight cognitive aging, new study reports

Nom down on those greens!

Child in South Africa becomes HIV free

This could be a game changer.

Social media is making mass surveillance easier than ever — and we’re just embracing it

Sharing your location with third party apps? Well then… I’ve got some news.

How hot is a sauna, and other steamy facts

There’s a big difference between wet saunas and dry saunas.

Don’t like to wake up to your alarm clock? Try this gentle birdsong app from Carnegie Museum

Sweeten those nasty mornings with a charming wake-up call.