Researchers write grant proposals differently depending on their gender, and it can lead to bias

The findings also have interesting implications for automated text-analysis software, which will increasingly take on tasks like this in the future.

Braille Neue can be read just as easily with your eyes as with your fingertips

Writing that everyone can read.

Will AI start to take over writing? How will we manage it?

An AI writer — can this really be?

Graphology is a pseudoscience

Sometimes there’s a fine line between what’s scientific and what’s just fantasy.

Learning to read changes your brain from stem to cortex, study finds

The more you do it, the better it gets.

UV-printed text allows sheets to be reset and re-used 80 different times

This message will self-erase in five to more days.

Writing about your trauma in third person helps recovery

Writing your memoirs or simply recollecting traumatizing memories in writing has been used as tool in therapy for many years now. A new study by researchers at University of Iowa  found that switching to writing in third person eases recovery and improves health of participants. Whether it’s a car accident, the death of someone close, surgery, illness, or even financial collapse,

Oldest readable writing found in Europe

Extraordinary enough, an ancient Greek tablet dating  far as back as 1450-1350 BC was found last summer in an olive grove in what’s now the village of Iklaina, which makes it the oldest readable piece of writing found in Europe. The position and time frame of the artifact places it in the time of the Mycenaean, often mentioned in Homer’s

Keeping a diary – the key to happiness?

Keeping a diary is not just something girls do when they break up with their boyfriends or don’t get along with their mother-in-laws. Diaries are not only for people who have absolutely no social life and consider the little notebook in front of them their best friend (even though some of us should really get out of the house more).