After a 300% surge in global cases, WHO and UNICEF directors say we’re facing a ‘measles crisis’

The moral of the story, kids, is get vaccinated.

Tuberculosis in Europe is in decline but every 2 minutes 1 person is still diagnosed with TB

Overall, the situation in the European Region is improving slowly to end TB by 2030.

Dengue vaccine candidate looks promising in Phase 3 Trial

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that causes flu-like symptoms but can be lethal and kill up to 20% of those with severe dengue.

The WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases

Symptoms and diagnosis criteria very similar to other addiction-related disorders.

Why the WHO put a mysterious ‘Disease X’ on its most-feared list

We don’t know anything about disease X — that’s the point.

The WHO calls for governments to boycott anti-smoking Foundation funded by big tobacco

Sometimes I feel a burning need to spell ‘conflict of interest’ in capital letters. This is one of those times.

Pregnancy related deaths down by half in the last 25 years

Between reports of melting icecaps, starving polar bears and reports of food shortages, it’s easy to become pessimistic about life. But it’s not all bad, as a recently released report by the UN, published in The Lancet, shows how pregnancy-related deaths have fallen almost by half in the past 25 years.

New vaccine against Ebola is 100% effective in Guinea trial

“Having seen the devastating effects of Ebola on communities and even whole countries with my own eyes, I am very encouraged by today’s news,” said Børge Brende, the foreign minister of Norway, which helped fund the trial.