The world’s farms are dominated by only four crops

This puts us at great risk.

Scientists harvest wild genes to give food crops an edge against diseases

Back to the wild for inspiration.

What is gluten intolerance, and what are its symptoms?

Most of them have to do with your belly — but not all.

U.S. researchers poised to level-up wheat’s nutritive value by making it absorb minerals

You’ve heard of Iron Man, now get ready for Iron Wheat.

Wheat’s genetic secrets could lead to better, more resilient crops

More food for less effort? Sign me up!

Speed breeding LED technique grows food six times faster than conventional farming

A welcomed solution to our growing food problems.

German researchers release open-source tomato and wheat seeds to boost research


What is gluten and why some people have gluten intolerance

Gluten Morgen!

Climate change is making food crops toxic

A startling report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says food crops like wheat and maize are generating toxins to protect themselves from extreme weather. Ingesting food made from toxic crops can lead to neurological diseases, but the greatest concern is cancer says Alex Ezeh, executive director of the African Population Health and Research Center.

India’s Bakey edible spoon does two of my favorite things: limits dishes and plastic waste

India-based company Bakeys has started producing edible spoons to try and fight world-wide plastic waste from disposable cutlery. Not only eco-friendly, but also delicious!

8,000 Year Old Wheat Found in UK, 2,000 Years Before They Started Growing it

According to a new study, ancient hunter-gatherer Britons imported wheat from mainland Europe, showing a surprising level of sophistication for such an old population.