Geologists listen to volcanic murmur to predict eruptions

Listen closely, and the volcano will share its secrets.

Stone shrine discovered inside Mexican volcano depicts mythical Aztec universe

It seems to depict the creation of the heavens and earth.

Warming climate linked to more, bigger volcanic eruptions

It might take a while though before the effects settle in.

Warm rock beneath New England hints of upcoming volcanic eruption millions of years from now

New England residents shouldn’t panic, though. There won’t be a volcanic eruption in their backyard anytime too soon.

Volcano in Bali has been erupting for over a week, and things might get even worse

Things are really heating up in Bali.

Supervolcano eruptions might be more common than we thought — but there’s still no need to panic

If it happens, it happens — there’s not that much we can do about it.

These sharks thrive in a real-life underwater volcano

Yes, these sharks live inside a volcano.

Do volcanoes really emit more CO2 than humans?

Volcanoes emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but nowhere near what humans emit.

The moon once had an atmosphere seeded by volcanic eruptions

It must have looked like a weird sight from Earth’s vantage point.

Bali volcanic eruption seems imminent, after massive seismic activity increase

Over 70,000 people have already evacuated the area as an eruption from the Mount Agung volcano seems imminent.

Scientists find 91 new volcanoes miles beneath Antarctica’s thick ice sheet

Exciting but scary news at the same time.

Some plants thrive in scorching hot volcanic soil — at 72 °C (161 F)

You could make tea at those temperatures.

Martian meteorite reveals volcanic activity on the Red Planet is at least 2 billion years old

There’s not much going on today but Mars must have been very volcanically active.

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii creates spectacular lava stream

The Kilauea volcano has created a dramatic “firehose” as molten lava continues to spew out hot lava and ash.

Seafloor sensors provide unprecedented view into underwater eruption

Most of the world’s volcanoes are underwater, and we’re “seeing” them better than ever.

Mount St. Helens, the deadliest volcano in the U.S., has cold feet

This powerful volcano is more bizarre than meets the eye.

Watch all the volcanoes and earthquakes since 1960 hit around the world in one app

A stunning app put together by Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Project.

New volcano forecasting technique shows danger in Japan

Worrying news surface in Japan, as geologists warn Sakurajima volcano might be powering up.

Large volcano in Iceland might be set to erupt, temblors warn

After two large earthquakes with magnitudes over 4, the Katla volcano in Iceland seems set to erupt.

A colony of bees has been discovered living in the lip of an active volcano

They face acid, lava, and ash every day.