Yet another study finds that violent video games don’t make teens more aggressive

This won’t end the debate anytime soon, though.

Police officers face and dole out more violence when their weapons aren’t concealed

Even with non-lethal weapons.

Exposure to graphic images shifts your perception of reality, video games study shows

More pew pew, less QQ.

Worrying survey finds that 54% of all Americans don’t store their guns safely

People who buy guns for self-defense often end up doing more damage, especially if they don’t store their guns properly.

Violent games don’t affect empathy, new study finds

The debate around computer games just got more intriguing.

The ‘hateback’ loop of dehumanization could plunge America into civil violence

Even the nastiest bits of history repeat themselves.

Resource scarcity drove prehistoric violence in California more than 1,500 years ago

Resource scarcity was the only thing that predicted systematic homicide, not political organization.

Violence might be deeply embedded in our genes, study finds

This is no excuse to get violent, though.

Machine learning could solve the US’s police violence issue

By flagging high-risk officers, the system allows police departments to limit the chance for violent events.

Video gamers’ aggression linked to frustration, not violent games

Video games have been getting more and more attention, partly due the fact that more and more children (and adults) are playing them, and partly due to the fact that some advantages of playing them are starting to surface. Now, a new study has shown that gamers’ hostile behavior is linked to the experience of failure and frustration during play

Anarchy vs Science: international extremist groups violently attack scientists in the name of humanity

Fed by ignorance, hypocrisy and frustration, members of an international group of eco-anarchist have, during the past few years, plotted and attacked various scientific facilities and scientists alike, injuring many in their attempts and seeding fear, in an anti-technology and science ploy. The violent attacks were self-attributed by the various organisations working in close tandem, which are always sure to

Kill your TV…. before it kills you

We’ve heard of a lot of dangers that the television brings, including obesity, violence, teen pregnancy and eye problems, but now, a recent study shows long periods of watching television can cause a significant increase of health problems. So not only will your TV hurt your eyes, make you fat and violent, but it will also kill you, eventually –

Not the kill, but the thrill is what video game players love

Worried about friends who immerse themselves into violent video games all day long? Well, stop fearing they may turn into blood-thirsty maniacs (but you can keep worrying about their addiction) because, as researchers have discovered, it is not the gore details that cause one to play for endless hours, but the feeling of overcoming a challenge offered by the games.