The greatest Viking invasion of Britain never left — it got buried there, new research finds

The site was first found in the 70’s, but couldn’t be accurately dated until now.

Who really discovered America? (Spoiler: it’s not Columbus)

There are claims from all over the world.

Vikings might have actually used sunstones to navigate

The legends might have been true after all.

Whole 2000 year-old army of skeletons uncovered in Denmark. They tell of a macabre end

In an archeological dig in the Danish bog Alken Enge wetlands lies the remains of an army long dead. There scientists recently uncovered hundreds of skeletons, some presenting clear evidence of a violent death, along with a slew of shields, armors, spears or axes. Researchers are still trying to determine the soldiers’ identities, places of origin, and the reason for which

Sunstone viking “magical compass” proved by science

A very intriguing theory says that the Vikings used to navigate through traitorous Arctic waters, and possibly even through the Atlatic towards North America, by using a coveted mineral called the “sunstone“. These glowing, fabled stones used to guide the northsmen by revealing the position of the sun even when it was obscured by cloud or had sunk beneath the