Bricks grown from your urine make for greener houses, plumper crops

A story that has some ‘ew’ — but definitely a lot of ‘wow’, too.

Pee, Poop, and Perspiration Will Be Useful in Traveling to Mars

Astronauts’ waste will not be wasted.

This IKEA ad might change your life — if you pee on it

Embedded inside the magazine is a redesigned ELISA pregnancy test.

Waste not, want not: astronauts to turn pee into nutrients, tools on deep-space missions

Stay hydrated up there, ladies and gents.

Fish urine keeps corals healthy, but we’re taking all the fish out of the water

Does this mean I have to pee in the pool now?

One of the oldest known New Testament copies could have been written in pee-based ink

This ink is number 1. Literally.

Cheap home urine test scans for diseases

Stanford University invented a new low-cost tech that diagnoses diseases from a urine sample.

Scientists have figured out why bearcats smell like buttered popcorn

Hint: it’s the urine.

When nature calls in outer space: here’s how astronauts use the toilet

A few days ago, we were telling you about the espresso machine 3D printed onboard the International Space Station. Now, it’s time to go full circle and look at how the coffee… gets out of the body. Here’s how astronauts use the toilet (yes, in case you’re wondering, this is suitable for viewing at work): Above, we see Samantha Cristoforetti, an

Hamburg deters public urination by lining walls with hydrophobic spray

When man piss in wind, wind piss back, a modern Confucius states. In this line, the city of Hamburg ingeniously sought to address its growing public urination problem in the city’s busy party center by painting walls with hydrophobic paint. Next time an unsuspecting person wants to take a load off in Hamburg’s St. Pauli neighborhood, he might be in for a surprise – it’ll splash back at him.

San Francisco experiments with planter-based public pee stations

San Francisco, for the nice and laid back city that it is, has many problems – and I was pretty surprised to hear that public urination is one of them. Now, they’ve come up with a solution that could not only solve this problem, but also green up the city. PPlanter is a smart and ecologically sensitive public urinal that

Waterless Urinals: Saving Water And Money From Going Down the Drain

More than 160 billion gallons of water are flushed down the drains each year due to urinal usage.

New Urine Test Could Diagnose Eye Disease

Urine isn’t exactly the first place you want to start looking for eye diseases – but according to a new Duke University study a patient’s urine can be linked to gene mutations that cause Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), an inherited, degenerative disease that results in severe vision impairment and often blindness. “My collaborators, Dr. Rong Wen and Dr. Byron Lam at

Medical breakthrough: chemical composition of human urine determined

  It may come as a shock to you to find out that the chemical make-up of human urine hasn’t been identified until now – but it shouldn’t. The study which led to this breakthrough took over seven years and involved 20 researchers; in the end, it revealed over 3.000 metabolites (small molecules resulted through metabolism). The results are expected

Chinese turtle is unique in the animal kingdom: it urinates through its mouth

We’ve written about some bizarre animals in the past, but just when you think nothing can come as a surprise… well, meet the Chinese soft-shelled turtle, an animal that has an unique ability, never before encountered in the animal kingdom – it can urinate through its mouth. This is definitely not your typical turtle, even its appearance warns that there’s something

Nothing goes to waste: urine as a new source of renewable energy

And no, I’m not taking the piss. Urine, a very versatile waste among other things, has been found useful in all sorts of fields, from curing jellyfish stings, to saving ones life in the desert by soiling a turban to cool the head, or more commonly used as a fertilizer. Most of us, however, just dump it in a toilet bowl

Ultimate recycling: urine for water

This is not for the average man, but when you’re more than 300 km above the Earth, it’s pretty hard to get a glass of water. The estimated cost to transport a pint would be about 15 000$ which is well, astronomical to say the least. So finding a way to recapture every drop of water was vital for scientists.