Sea level change isn’t constant across the East Coast — because of long-past glaciers

Gone but not forgotten.

The U.S. oil and gas industry is leaking a lot of methane — again

The emissions total around 13 million metric tons.

In the US, climate change will disproportionately hurt the poor

Don’t believe in climate change? Don’t worry, you’ll suffer just as well.

World’s only second US Declaration of Independence found in small English city

It all started with a short entry in a catalog of a tiny records office in the town of Chichester, in the south of England

U.S. waterways pack a slew of chemical compounds, from pesticides to pharmaceuticals

Hundreds of chemical compounds were identified but the real tally could be in the order of thousands.

Harvest in the US to suffer from climate change

As the newly elected president Trump starts his crusade of bashing environmentalism, a new study shows that climate change will affect US agriculture — whether we admit it or not.

Majority of people in the US favour renewables

A divided country still agrees on some things.

The depressing state of American mental health: 20 percent of the population suffering from mental illness, but only half get treatment

Depressing news.

US lawmakers in charge of NASA and environmental funding don’t understand science

The people in charge of funding for NASA and environmental research, Republican senators Ted Cruz and James Inhofe, have a record of not understanding science and making pseudoscientific affirmations. While I won’t discuss the politics here (we never do), the fact that such important matters fall onto the shoulders of people known to be pretty much adversaries of science cannot be left unchecked.

American media consumption to soar in 2015

The U.S. is not only the biggest energy consumer per capita in the lord, but also the leading media consumer. An estimated 6.9 zettabytes of media flows to individuals and households in a year or 6.9 million million gigabytes. That’s almost twice as much than in 2008 and according to the latest “How Much Media? 2013 Report on American Consumers,” produced