The UK had a coal-free week — the first time since 1882

This is the country’s first coal-free week since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

Britain is going through a “widespread loss” of pollinating insects, study reports

Not good!

The North Sea could become the UK’s largest battery — one that lasts for the whole winter

It would be green, too!

England’s youth are drinking less and less — and some have never had a drink

I didn’t know you were allowed to do this in the UK.

Want people to buy more electric cars? Simply put green license plates

Several countries are already doing it.

UK millennials would happily sow, reap, and eat GMOs — unlike older generations


The UK royal “luxury” birth cost less than the average US birth

A story of royalty and overpriced healthcare.

Efforts to fight plastic pollution are working: Fewer plastic bags found around UK waters

Taxing plastic bags or coffee cups works — and the rest of the world should follow suit.

World-first case of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, identified in the UK

The man’s partner tested negative for infection, and authorities traced the man’s sexual partners to ensure that the strain didn’t spread.

At climate talks, Canada steps up while the US steps down

There’s no such thing as clean coal.

White Cliffs of Dover in danger from developers, National Trust pleas for donations to keep them safe

A unique place is in danger. Here’s how to pitch in.

Drug-resistant candida outbreaks in the UK despite hospital efforts to control it

The CDC deemed this fungus a “serious global health threat.”

Sci-fi buffs everywhere, rejoyce! The UK military is developing laser weapons

The prototype should be delivered in 2019.

UK pushes forth with sugar tax

The United Kingdom has announced drafts for a sugar tax set to begin in April 2018, addressing the country’s growing obesity problems.

ClientEarth vs UK Gov. verdict announced, officials have to tackle the problem

Their previous plans to clean the air were ruled to fall illegally short of the mark.

The UK government is being taken to court over air pollution…again

Canned air looking more and more like a brilliant idea.

Livestock-MRSA found in British-sourced pork at Asda and Sainsbury’s

British-grown pork livestock has been tested positive for livestock associated MRSA, the Guardian reports.

One it ten UK species faces extinction, State of Nature report warns

You can’t take 10% out of something and still expect it to work.

UK will shut down all coal plants by 2025, replaces with gas

Amber Rudd, the UK’s Secretary of Energy and Climate Change, announced the government’s new plan to generate clean and cheap energy. Rudd says the Britain will add more nuclear power, explore for shale and, most strikingly, replace all coal fired plants with gas.

UK government is killing its solar industry by cutting subsidies

The UK boasts 650,000 solar installations across homes, offices, schools, churches, warehouses, farms, police stations, train stations and even a bridge. It’s been one of the fastest growing solar markets in Europe. At the end of 2013, there were 2.8GW of solar power arrays installed, but by the end of 2014 this figure climbed to 5GW or nearly double in only 12 months. However, drastic and discriminatory changes in renewable subsidies to come in effect in May of this year are expected to collapse solar development to 1% of its current level.