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Cannabis oil improves Crohn’s disease symptoms

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Interview with Bluebird Director of Science Lex Pelger on CBD

A cannabis expert shares what he knows about the science of CBD.

The Science and Sourcing Behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the dozens of cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant.

What happens in the brain when you mix marijuana and alcohol

Alcohol and weed can mix well, but only if you’re careful.

What is THC: the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana

THC has beneficial health outcomes but also carries risks. Let’s see what the science says about it.

Low doses of THC can relieve stress, while high doses to the opposite

It’s all about moderation, guys. Keep it down to a small buzz, researchers suggest.

CBD oil made from cannabis cuts rare epileptic seizures in half

Although anecdotal evidence abounds, this is the first time science confirms cannabis compounds can treat epilepsy.

Is secondhand marijuana smoke as damaging as tobacco smoke?

A new study compares the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke to that of tobacco.

Scientists engineer yeast that creates active marijuana compound, THC

Scientists have genetically modified yeast to produce the main psychoactive substance in marijuana, THC. Responsible for most of weed’s effects (including the high), THC can also be used for medical purposes, to treat symptoms of HIV infection and chemotherapy.

Today’s marijuana is more potent than it used to be, study finds

With the increasing attention marijuana has been receiving lately, especially with the legalization in states like Colorado and Washington, it’s high time (heh) someone took a look at how marijuana has actually changed along the years . Now, a study conducted by Charas Scientific, one of a handful of labs certified to test the potency of marijuana in Colorado, we know that weed today is much stronger than it used to be.

Scientists explain the munchies: it’s all about smell

It’s one of the most known effects of marijuana – you get a powerful surge in appetite (especially a craving for sweets) after smoking (or inhaling or ingesting the drug) – something colloquially referred to as “the munchies”. While for casual users this is a minor and not troubling side effect (often times even enjoyable), for medicinal users who use

Study shows non-hallucinogenic cannabinoids can work as effective anti-cancer drugs

What tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active hallucinogen in marijuana can do in several diseases has been researched for decades, but now, a new study has shown that the non-hallucinogenic components of cannabis act as effective anti-cancer agents. The team from St George’s University of London was led by Dr Wai Liu; they used a number of cannabinoids to test their efficiency

Marijuana addiction and abuse treatment shows promising results

While there’s a lot of talk and debate around medicinal marijuana, dispensed for its curative properties against cancer and other ailments, not much is discussed on how marijuana addiction can be treated. Marijuana abuse has always been used by governments as a wild card for keeping it illegal, although the actual extent of it has never been fully assessed mostly