A supermoon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse will coincide on the 31st of January. It’s the first time in 152 years

It’s a stellar trifecta.

Fly me to the… supermoon

As I was telling you in a post just a few days ago, there’s a supermoon on the rise, and it will reach us today, Saturday, on the 5th of May. It marks the period when the moon is closest to the Earth (perigee), and this period will coincide with a full moon, making it a sight you definitely want

Prepare for Supermoon Saturday – biggest moon of the year

Supermoon comes on the 5th of May; why is it a ‘super’ Moon? Well, because the period when the Moon becomes full coincides with the Moon’s perigee – its closest approach to Earth. It could be a weekend to remember for amateur astronomers, especially considering that Venus will also be at its brightest these days, but it is also the

Stunning photos of the ‘supermoon’ from across the world

This Saturday night, those lucky enough to catch clear skies were in for a treat when the brightest, “biggest” full moon in nearly two decades enchanted glares. Called a supermoon, the phenomenon describes a perigee full moon, meaning that the moon orbits at a much closer distance from the Earth than usual. Unfortunately for me cloudy skies prevented me from

Is tonight’s supermoon actually super ?

It’s March 19 ladies and gentlemen, so you should probably know by now about tonight’s supermoon; but what makes it so super ? Well, tonight’s full moon will almost coincide with the moon’s arrival at the perigee point – which makes it a supermoon ? Actually, the moon will be at a greater distance from our planet than it was

Super moon set to fill the night sky – don’t miss it !

Tonight, March 19, an true lunar rarity will fill the night sky – the super moon will delight amateur astronomers and romantics alike. For the first time in 18 years, the full moon will be a perigee full moon, which, for tonight, means that the lunar orb will be much closer to the Earth than usual. Astronomy lovers will rejoice

‘Supermoon’ spectacle will lightup the sky on Saturday night

Romantics and astronomy aficionados alike (much of the same aren’t they?) will rejoice as this Saturday a rare spectacle of the moon will occur when it will come around closest its been to the Earth in 18 years! Much like planetary movement, Earth natural satellite movement is an ellipse, meaning it has points where its closer to the planet, called