Child suicide rates are surging in the US — and we’re not really sure why

The median age of children was 13.

Twice as many people die of gun-related suicide than homicide in the U.S. — but Americans perceive the opposite

This gap between perception and reality may actually be putting some people at risk.

Another bleak consequence of climate change: more suicides

As if climate change didn’t bring enough problems.

Abnormal chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA might explain why suicide seems to favor some people

People kill themselves for all sorts of reason, but there’s a genetic makeup to it too.

Machine learning identifies suicidal patterns with 93 percent accuracy

Machines can tell when someone is contemplating suicide.

Workplace suicides on the rise – doctors, law enforcement workers and soldiers most vulnerable

Each year worldwide about one million people decide to take their own lives. Overriding your conservation instincts isn’t easy, let’s say, and this typically happens on the onset of mental illness. In a society where people lives get ever more confused with their occupation, stress at work can sometimes trigger a tragedy. The numbers don’t lie. According to researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 1,700 people died by suicide on the job between 2003 to 2010.

Use of Psychedelics Could Reduce Suicide Rates

Suicide rates have generally remained the same for decades, with slight increases in some areas of the world. Basically, scientists and medics don’t really know how to effectively tackle this issue, so they’re considering more unorthodox approaches. A new study has found that classic psychedelic use may reduce suicidal thinking, ultimately dropping suicide rates. ‚ÄúDespite advances in mental health treatments,

Unemployment causes 45,000 suicides each year

A new study found that unemployment is one of the main causes for suicide across the world – between 2001 and 2011, unemployment caused approximately 450,000 cases of suicide.

Why you feel the urge to jump off a ledge. No, you’re not suicidal

A few months ago I went hiking with some of my friends in an absolutely stunning mountain setting. We climbed a country road for half an hour or so on foot, then reached a chalet right in the middle of a pine tree clearing and had a few beers with the keeper there, who was gracious enough to show us

Study shows that bullying and suicides in children may be connected

The Yale School of Medicine researchers conducted a study in 13 countries which lead to the conclusion that there may be a connection between school bullying and children who resort to suicide. The lead author, Young-Shin Kim, part of the Yale research team, and her colleague, Bennett Leventhal, claim that the exact causality between the two phenomena could not be