Woman burns her retinas looking at the eclipse and doctors take the first-ever pictures of such damage

Don’t look at the sun!

New simulator lets you see how (or if) the 21 August solar eclipse will be visible from your area

A brilliant tool to help you witness one of the most spectacular natural events.

Watch today’s ‘ring of fire’ eclipse LIVE

This Thursday marks a special occasion for star gazers once with the setting of the annular eclipse, an event which Earth, the moon and the sun align such that only a ring of light around the moon will become visible. Unfortunately, only those living in the Pacific area will be able to see it in person. Luckily, there’s a live

Australia treated to wonderful solar eclipse

A rare, total, solar eclipse sent Queensland into darkness for two minutes early on Wednesday, creating a wonderful show for the people who gathered to watch it. It was an eerie feeling to see the morning light fade into darkness, but it wasn’t the same for everybody. In some places, where the eclipse wasn’t full, even though the Sun was

For all our Southern Hemisphere readers: enjoy the solar eclipse!

In case you didn’t know, a total solar eclipse is going to take place on the 13th of November (today or tomorrow, depending on there you are). The eclipse will be total from Northern Australia to the small Chilean Juan Fernández Islands infront of the southern Pacific Ocean coast where totality will end. However, it will be a partial solar

Taking a bite out of the Moon: partial lunar eclipse visible in the Pacific

Along the US west coast and in Asia after sunset, people were lucky to see the ‘strawberry full moon’ – the first partial lunar eclipse in over a year. It has been less than a couple of weeks since the ring of fire solar eclipse which delighted people throughout the Americas and Asia, and already we’re having a lunar eclipse;

Partial solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere

There’s a lot going on today, besides rabid shopping sprees. This Friday (Nov. 24), a partial solar eclipse will occur above the Earth’s southern hemisphere, a delight for residents lucky enough to cross its path, albeit quite small in numbers. This is the forth time the moon will block the sun in a spectacle of dark and light this year,

2011’s last solar eclipse preparing for those in the Southern hemisphere

Well 2011 is nearing its end, and the last solar eclipse of the year will put on quite a show for some people in the Southern hemisphere on Friday (Nov 25), but American shouldn’t bother raising their eyes from the Thanksgiving plates. According to NASA, the partial solar eclipse will only be visible to people from South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania

Incredible picture of the red Moon during the eclipse (with explanation)

I sure hope everybody knows what an eclipse is and there’s no need to pass through that again; if not, here’s the wikipedia article about eclipse. What I’m more interested in telling you about is why the Moon tends to get this delicious reddish hue during some eclipses – as observed in this fascinating picture. The matter can be understood

Spectacular photos from the solar eclipse in 2011

The first solar eclipse of 2011 was indeed a spectacular one; even though it was only a partial eclipse, the 4th of January was a day to remember – for skygazers and not only. It was visible over the majority of Europe, as well as northwestern Asia, but it reached it’s most spectacular moment in Sweden, when the axis of

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow (the moon gets behind the earth or the sun, earth, and then the moon). It doesn’t happen quite often, but not as rare as the solar eclipse. Such an event will take place tonight, charming skywatchers across the United States and much of the world.